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New fashion trends, new beauty aesthetic.

We bring the latest beauty styles from the SS2021 fashion shows, photoshoots and digital presentations that we can actually wear!

Lipstick Resurgence

Lips have been hidden under face masks in the past year, and balms became a mandatory item in every girl’s handbag to help fight dryness. But makeup artists want us to change this mood and celebrate our lips when they are safe to be seen. Highly-pigmented matte reds and notable nudes are the hues to invest in. While living in the middle of a pandemic, products specially designed to make our lives better have been popping up in the market. You can now find lipsticks that stain your lips without rubbing off, maybe a solution for a day out and mask-on-mask-off, kind of drill.

Eye on the Prize

If lips have been covered, the windows to the soul have been scrutinised more than ever. It’s time to invest in eye shadows and liners to create smoky and pitch-black cateye makeup. Really dark lines around eyes and a flick, that’s all you need to meet this season’s perfect stare. When opting for bold looks, keep the rest of your makeup minimalist to embrace the trend fully.

Untamed Mane

2020 was not the year of great hair. Lockdown and various rules made trips to our favourite salons an impossible mission and perfect tresses a distant memory. We are now back to placing the care of our locks in professional hands, but a perfect looking mane is not at the top of the list; healthy and treated hair is all we want. And the trends from the fashion capitals embraced the concept,even leaving the house with wet hair is entirely accepted!

Natural Glow

Remember when layers of concealer, foundation and contouring for a plastic and perfect finish was in vogue? The tune is different now, and a natural complexion with bare minimum makeup for an organic look is what we should be aiming for. It’s not that skins are left unassisted, but the natural texture and features are kept for a more human and realistic complexion. The velvety touch is still there, with a healthy-looking effect as if we have been using the time we have spent at home to improve our skincare regimen.

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