Looking for a shimmering touch? Fernanda Langhammer tried a selection of summer-friendly products from Dessange Paris Bahrain that will do the trick.

Summers in Bahrain can be a bit harsh, but I must confess that I love summer! It is my favourite season. I like the daylight entering the evenings and looking outside and seeing the sun shining bright every single day. I also like the vibe that summer brings, the laid-back fashion styles and how we all look so lively. I know that, depending on how you spend your summer, your hair and skin can pay a high price for it, and that’s why having a trusted place to take care of your beauty needs is a must in every woman’s life. Dessange Paris Bahrain offers an all-in-one solution with a comfortable salon, relaxing spa and exclusive health club.

It’s that time of the year to recover from harsh sun rays without losing that summer glow. At Dessange this month, you’ll find it’s all about caring. You are already aware of the incredible treatments they offer in their spa and salon. However, they also carry a wide selection of products, from their own well-recognised Dessange Paris brand to the most sought-after beauty labels in the market. There is a product and home care set for each of your necessities.

If you are a beauty enthusiast, like us at OHLALA, you will know the importance of having a home care routine. You can delve into a moisturising treatment for your skin and hair from the spa and salon menus but leaving with some products in your bag, recommended by the expert team at Dessange, is a must!

In my case, I have bleached blond hair, which means that my strands are delicate and need plenty of care. Applying a purple shampoo or conditioner at least once a week is a mandatory habit (one that I do fail to keep) to maintain the colour looking good and avoid yellowish tones.

My tresses are in real distress because the sun and chlorine from frequent pool time have affected my hair’s health. To fight the dryness and the fading colour, a mask is the best way to bring some life back into my mane. To help me in this mission, I visited Dessange and went home with the Natural Pigma Blond Polaire hair mask. The Blond Polaire revives and enhances the radiance of cold blonds, preventing yellow and orange tinges. It also leaves the hair hydrated, soft and shiny.

A sensitivity test is recommended before use, so I applied a small amount of product behind my ear and left it for 48 hours. As no allergic reaction happened, I applied the mask to my towel-dried hair working strand by strand, from ends to roots. You are supposed to leave it for five minutes and then rinse. The mask’s texture is dense, which is great as it stays in place without dripping. The smell is also delightful.

I followed the instructions and after five minutes, I rinsed my hair and styled it as usual. After being thoroughly dried, I noticed that my tresses felt really soft and, even if that was not on the list of benefits, the frizz was gone. I am past due going for another highlighting session, my roots are long and the colour is dull, so the mask didn’t have the best effect as it would have if my hair wasn’t in desperate need of a colour re-touch. But it definitely reduced the dullness giving some life to my locks.

In my Dessange rescue bag, I also had an interesting face and body lotion. I say interesting because it is the first time I have ever tried a tan accelerator. The James Read Enhance Tan Accelerator Face & Body’s main purpose is to help you achieve your tan’s full potential. If you intend to enhance a self-tan, you need to use it daily, 24 hours after tan application, to deepen and prolong your tan. If you want to enhance a natural tan, you have to use it daily for up to seven days prior to sun exposure to boost your tanning ability and use it as required during and post a holiday under the sun to intensify the results.

I am not really tanned, but I have bikini marks, so I have been applying the lotion every other day and can see a slight glow on my skin. The golden tone is there and I am hopefully spending a day by the pool very soon to see if I can finally achieve a sun-kissed complexion.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call Dessange Paris Bahrain on 1771 3999.

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