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Beauty business expert Badia Dhrari, who has more than 25 years’ experience in the sector, explains the importance of listening and communication on the road to success.

“I focus and listen to my clients’ needs, and my job is to assist them on their journey to achieve their own goals.”

– Badia Dhrari

OHLALA – When did you realise that the beauty field would be part of your life? How did you start in the business? And what have you been working on lately?
Badia Dhrari –
To be honest, I was a bit lost at the time; nothing made sense to me. When I was 19 and looking for a summer job in France, where I grew up, life led me down this path.
Andree Arrighi was my first boss; she was a well-known and successful businesswoman in town. I was fortunate to meet such a lady; I admired her customer service skills, leadership and professionalism as well as the amount of money she could earn simply by dealing with customers. So, I knew she’d be my role model for ever. We’re still in touch today!
Recently, I have been collaborating with a team of experts. We are expanding our services and offering staff recruitment in the beauty industry, opening academies and training centres, putting master classes together and much more in the future.

OHLALA – Your expertise goes beyond the salon floor, it embraces management, training, coaching, teaching and consulting. How important are these background aspects for overall success?
Badia –
These are important because they allow me to better communicate, identify and understand my clients’ needs, allowing me to tailor the right agenda.
I have also learned that when communication is difficult and stressful and the other party makes no effort, I must end the collaboration at all costs or it will fail and have an impact on me. I value healthy business relationships over financial gain because this will lead to success.

OHLALA – What are the main lessons you have learned that helped you succeed in this area?
Badia –
I spent many years working in a successful and luxurious salon in Bahrain. I remember my first consulting project; I was overconfident and convinced that my method was the best.
My client then simply did not return my call. When I asked why, he said: “You didn’t get what I wanted.” Since, I’ve learned an incredible lesson, I focus and listen to my clients’ needs, and my job is to assist them on their journey to achieve their own goals.
Arrogance is the enemy of success!

OHLALA – In your opinion, what are the key elements a beauty salon/spa needs to stand out and grow?
Badia –
If there was a formula, it would be as follows: Leadership + people skills + financial awareness + strategic thinking + expertise in all positions.

OHLALA – Beauty treatments are an important part of many women’s lives. From your experience, what are the main services or even feelings that they look for?
Badia –
We are in the salon emotion era, clients today are looking for an experience, with people who are able to tell them what is best for them and who know how to make them feel important and beautiful because this feeling leads to an increase in confidence.
According to a 2022 survey, the main services being requested are: manicure/pedicures (up 50%) and eyebrow threading (up 50%).

OHLALA – Bahrain is a country that is home to many different cultures and they have different styles. How can a beauty salon best cater to a variety of different demands?
Badia –
No salon can claim to satisfy the entire population. It is more about the variety of salons on the market; each salon will attract the clientele that corresponds to it according to its strengths. We will never be able to completely respond to all requests; it’s just not possible. To succeed, I always humbly advise to build on the strengths of the individual salon.

OHLALA – You have been living in the Kingdom since 2004. What do you like most about living here? Any favourite spot or thing to do?
Badia –
I feel at home here. I feel that everything is possible and it is easy to meet people. I’m very busy with my kids and my job but, when I can go out, I like to hang out with friends at a restaurant or some new lounge-like place in town.


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