Inspired by our Ohlala Spa & Wellness Awards 2024 launch, we spoke to Dr Hala Abdulwahab, Consultant Dermatologist at Dermacare Skin and Laser Centre, about her career and beauty treatments.

OHLALA – What made you go into medicine? Why did you choose dermatology as your speciality?
Dr Hala Abdulwahab –
Being part of a medical family, opting for this career path felt like the most natural choice for me. From the beginning, dermatology was my passion, driven by a fascination with beauty and clarity. The vast realm of skin reflects everything happening internally. My parents paved the way and inspired my journey in this field.

OHLALA – The dermatology field is vast. What is the part of it that you find most fascinating? What made you create the Dermacare Skin and Laser Centre?
Dr Hala –
Contrary to common assumptions, I am fascinated by both the general dermatological aspects and the cosmetic side of the skin. My dream was to establish a top-tier medical centre offering comprehensive skin care services. I take pride in saying that after years of dedication and hard work, my dream has come true. What makes it even more special is sharing this achievement with my sister, Dr Heba, as we worked together to establish Dermacare Skin and Laser Centre.

OHLALA – Can you highlight some of the treatments offered? What are the most sought-after therapies?
Dr Hala –
Our centre is equipped with the latest treatments in dermatology and cutting-edge body contouring techniques. Staying up to date with advancements is a priority for us. Dermacare offers state-of-the-art treatments covering various aspects like acne scarring, pigmentation and body contouring. We provide lasers, peels and microneedling with and without radiofrequency. The focus on hyaluronic acid fillers, hybrid fillers and immunomodulators reflects the demand for these sought-after procedures. This is all, of course, besides offering our expertise in all general dermatology conditions for adults and children.

OHLALA – Looking young is a popular trend; however, do you think the results are more than aesthetic? What is the emotional side of it?
Dr Hala –
Maintaining a youthful appearance is popular, but it’s crucial to do so within reason. Enhancing features in harmony with one’s age tends to yield more natural and beautiful results. As a dermatologist, guiding patients towards treatments that enhance their existing beauty rather than completely altering it is our responsibility, and it’s a vow both my sister and I take to heart. Considering the emotional and psychological aspects is crucial before any treatment, as these factors play a significant role. Addressing underlying emotions and mental wellbeing is essential to achieve optimal and satisfying results for the patients.

OHLALA – How important is it to keep a skincare routine at home? Do you believe that topical solutions genuinely help to maintain a healthy complexion?
Dr Hala –
Maintaining a solid skincare routine at home is crucial for preventing issues and supporting various treatments we perform in the clinic. Choosing the right routine tailored to one’s skin type – whether dry, oily or mixed – is essential for effective care and optimal results.

OHLALA – The Middle East has a harsh environment for the skin. What would be a good skincare routine for this part of the world?
Dr Hala –
Especially in the Middle East, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is crucial. The hot and humid environment underscores the need for protecting our skin. While tailoring the routine to our skin type is vital, never forgetting sunscreen remains the most crucial step in maintaining skin health.

OHLALA – Please tell us more about your philanthropic initiative, the Dreams Society.
Dr Hala –
The Dreams Society is a cherished initiative aimed at giving back to the community. Recognising the importance of joy and playfulness, especially for children facing illnesses, the organisation fulfils their dreams – ranging from simple wishes to elaborate experiences. It’s a successful effort emphasising the significance of giving back and maintaining the positive momentum in the community.

OHLALA – On a different topic, what do you like most about Bahrain?
Dr Hala –
What I love about Bahrain is absolutely everything. It’s wonderful to have such positive appreciation for Bahrain. The kind and friendly people, the inclusive environment and the sense of community coming together contribute to making it a special place.


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