Touch of LIGHT

CHANEL present an updated formula and new shades in one of their most beloved ranges: LES BEIGES.

The LES BEIGES line is all about natural and luminous effects. The new LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW SHEER POWDER comes in a revamped formula infused with jasmine oil to effortlessly deliver optimal comfort and a subtle, sheer finish. The complex also comprises two light-reflecting pigments and one photo-adaptive pigment, ensuring a fresh, natural-looking complexion that glows in any light. The powder comes in 12 shades, including four new releases. With a sustainable mindset, the case is now refillable – next time, you can purchase just the powder and easily replace the old one. It can be used for touch-ups, added to target specific areas or applied all over – alone or over foundation. The half-moonshaped brush has a comfortable texture to make it glide easily and makes it intuitive to use the powder in any way you choose.

When selecting your product, choose a matching shade for a natural result, a tone lighter than your skin for a subtly luminous complexion or a deeper hue for a sun-kissed touch.

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