This month we had the opportunity to talk to the businesswoman behind the Instagram sensation Bella & Blue, Maryam Haji. She tells us all about her journey into this popular online store.

“We try to embrace the beauty of the curves and create pieces that are modest yet fashionable, and dresses are definitely effortless to wear and style.”

— Maryam Haji

OHLALA – How did fashion enter your life, and when did you decide to follow it exclusively as your profession?
Maryam Haji –
I was always interested in fashion, but it wasn’t until I attended a personal stylist class in the United States that I realised how much I loved it. The course helped me to understand the different aspects of fashion. I was hooked and decided to pursue a career in the fashion business. I’m grateful that I get to do something that I love every day.

OHLALA – How did Bella & Blue start? And what exactly is the concept that you offer?
Maryam –
It started in 2013 as an exclusive online business offering eagerly sourced new and unique items. Our central concept is an everyday ready-to-wear collection for women. You can find more information in our website

OHLALA – Why do you think Bella & Blue achieved its success so rapidly? What is the brand’s main differential?
Maryam –
Our growth gained momentum when we signed an exclusive collaboration with a French-based fashion company. It really helped the brand to grow and differentiate itself from other businesses due to the tradition and quality of French fashion.

OHLALA – What do your customers look for? How do you identify what they want?
Maryam –
Being an Arab woman, I understand the gap women in my region find in international fashion designs, so I tend to provide pieces that are tailored to their needs and not sacrifice quality for trends.

OHLALA – Your pieces are great for any body type as your work mostly with dresses. Do you think this is something that pleases your clients and is one of Bella & Blue’s main characteristics? Was it intentional to offer this kind of style?
Maryam –
Yes, that’s right. We try to embrace the beauty of the curves and create pieces that are modest yet fashionable, and dresses are definitely effortless to wear and style.

OHLALA – You mentioned that the pandemic helped your business grow as your sales are done exclusively online. Do you want to provide your creations in a physical concept?
Maryam –
For the time being, we are fully focused on being online to enhance the reach regionally and internationally. However, we are studying the potential to have pop-up stores in some of the leading malls in Bahrain in the near future.

OHLALA – Your pieces are very summery. What can we expect in the autumn and winter collections?
Maryam –
We are known for our classic European-style looks. For winter, we are focusing on minimalistic designs that mimic the old-money style trending now.

OHLALA – As a Bahraini, what do you like most about your country?
Maryam –
My country opened the horizon for me and supported me by all means. We definitely have the best business environment to grow.


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