The essence of Mediterranean cuisine was experienced by Lawson Misquitta on a delightful culinary journey at WU Restaurant & Lounge.

Nestled in the corner of The Art Hotel & Resort and overlooking the stunning blue waters of the Gulf is the hotel’s well-known Mediterranean-inspired restaurant – WU.

As my dining partners and I made our way to the restaurant, we passed the property’s phenomenal private beach area that, on that particular afternoon, was quite lively and buzzing with guests making the most of the pleasant weather – a lovely reminder that the worst of the heat is finally behind us!

On arrival, we were warmly greeted by the staff and shown to our table. The restaurant’s décor elegantly showcases a modern and stylish aesthetic that’s quick to grab your eye. It features a wonderfully snazzy lounge spot on entry and a separate massive dining area that exudes an inviting atmosphere perfect for intimate dinners or gatherings with friends and family. Furthermore, WU also boasts an amazing outdoor space with a cosy charm and plenty of comfortable seating.

Once seated, we were soon visited by Executive Chef Jeevan Singh. Friendly and extremely passionate in approach, he enthusiastically took us through the menu, gauging our preferences and helping us figure out our culinary journey for the afternoon.

We kicked off the meal with a delicious dish called the Tiara of Salmon and Avocado. Finely diced fresh salmon flawlessly combined with lots of lemon, onion and chives lay perfectly stacked on a circular base of a flavourful avocado salad. This was topped with a flour and butter preparation delicately fashioned in a crown shape, which was further adorned with salmon roe as if to bejewel it. The vibrant freshness of the salmon, along with rich and creamy avocados and the briny, salty taste of roe, formed a pleasing and decadent bite that we couldn’t get enough of, and the plate was swiftly wiped clean!

Next came the Pan-fried Foie Gras with an apricot chutney accompaniment, served on a toasted French brioche. With a buttery, rich and delicately meaty flavour, the foie gras had a velvety smooth texture that blended perfectly with the tangy, sweet-sour chutney. Dressed with a balsamic reduction and thin slices of fig, the dish was as pleasing to the eye as it was to the palate.

Arriving next at the table, and not a moment too soon, was our round of delightfully citrusy and colourful drinks. The refreshing lemon mint cooler, a delicious passion fruit concoction and another strawberry and basil mix offered a harmonious symphony of flavours that helped further enliven our mood.

Luscious, creamy and prepared in a smooth tomato-based broth, a deeply flavourful bowl of Lobster Bisque was the final of the appetisers. The dish included a steamed dumpling filled with succulent lobster meat that was undeniably tempting and left us wanting more.

Soon realising we hadn’t sufficiently satisfied our lobster craving and not ones to skip making the most of WU’s stacked menu, we gladly ordered the Grilled Omani Lobster, as our first main course. Cut lengthwise and grilled to delectable, tender perfection using only the help of butter, salt and pepper, we joyfully savoured every juicy bite!

We followed that up with a crusted hamour fillet that was nothing short of spectacular. Oven-baked with the exterior only slightly seared and maintaining the inner flesh adequately moist and flaky, it came topped with a special parmesan crust. It was placed on a bed of baked baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, highly flavoursome Kalamata olives and surrounded with a mouth-watering serving of lemon butter sauce and herb oil. The satisfying contrast of textures here made this dish a true standout.

The final main course of Roasted Duck Breast and Foie Gras was a carnivore’s dream. The impeccably prepared duck had a rich, complex and gamey flavour, making it much more tasty than other poultry when cooked correctly, which it was here. Served with a variety of veggies, it also came with a special Medjool date and potato puree sauce. Chef Jeevan highlighted that his concept is to incorporate local ingredients and find different ways of utilising them to elevate the various dishes at the restaurant, and with this particular item, they hit it out of the park. Aromatic with layers of flavour, the sauce helped further accentuate the taste of the duck breast, and the generous serving of foie gras elevated the profile of the dish.

Rounding off our sumptuous meal, we decided to try a few desserts, but instead of finishing them at our table, we opted to move and take a seat outside. The crisp, cool breeze and the beautiful view of the beach and sea immediately made us regret not coming out sooner.

From the dessert menu, we tried the Banoffee Pie, which we loved. The biscuit base was sweet and crumbly, while the filling was a delicious mix of bananas and caramel covered in a generous blanket of whipped cream, amounting to a blend of irresistible flavours. Next, we had the Pistachio and Peanut Parfait, which combined the best of flavours from both the nuts into a sweet treat that afforded a satisfying sensory experience and left us with a smile.

We concluded our culinary journey with some much-needed coffee as we chose to stay a while longer and continued our conversations as we soaked further in the picturesque views. Overall, from the pleasing food to the attentive and friendly staff along with the inviting ambience (a special mention once again to the outdoor seating area), everything about WU Restaurant & Lounge really left us impressed and willing to make the drive out to Amwaj whenever the opportunity arises next.

For more information or to make a reservation,
please call WU Restaurant & Lounge at
The Art Hotel & Resort on 1600 0111.

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