What is Love?

Something that is everywhere if carried inside you.

According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, love is a very strong feeling of liking and caring for somebody or something. A recurrent subject in songs, poems, novels and films. Romantic love has been one of the favourite themes in many artwork forms throughout time. Historical evidence suggests love existed during ancient times and across many parts of the world. The anthropologic study, A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Romantic Love by William R. Jankowiak and Edward F. Fischer found that romantic love existed in 147 of 166 cultures examined.

It is almost impossible, or at least it would be very difficult, to navigate life without love. However, if you stop to think, the non-romantic relationships we have in our lives are way more important and significant. They provide the types of feeling that make the biggest difference in our everyday life.

It starts with the love you receive from your mother, father and other family members and then moves to the love you give and receive from your pets. You then learn that there are crucial friends in your life and you end up absolutely loving some of them. Usually, later in life, when you become more mature (for some people, it happens earlier), you find the most important type of love there is – self-love.

Caring for yourself relaxes your brain cells, reduces stress and helps you maintain a good sleep pattern. It will also make life lighter, which may lead you to find romantic love in someone else. So invest in loving yourself to live a fulfilling life.

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