Weaving the Wind

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As light and engaging as a fragrance, the Azzi & Osta autumn and winter 2021/2022 collection takes you to a world of haute couture in a bottle.

The Azzi & Osta haute couture autumn and winter 2021/2022 inspiration started with a trip to the International Perfume Museum in Grasse, France. The vast universe of essences was the perfect place to imagine an ethereal and dreamy collection.

At the museum, one of the things that caught the designers’ attention was the world map illustrating the origin of each flower, each plant extract – osmanthus from Japan, pine needles from Canada, sandalwood from India. The map draws attention to the different territories, climates, civilisations, and cultures that can intersect in a perfume’s composition – so many hands, so much work, so many communities, so many talents in one single flask.

Georges Azzi and Assaad Osta saw in each perfume a choral masterpiece. The idea of this worldwide collaboration to obtain the most subtle, the most abstract product possible obsesses these two nature lovers. In the light of climate change, it also reassures them that if humanity can join hands to create beauty, it can also save the Earth. The designers wanted to materialise the lightness, volatility and pervasiveness of a fragrance. They also wanted to contribute to species protection, which resulted in the creation of feathers without feathers and fur without fur.

Just as perfumery uses artifice to replace or refine rare essences, the designers pipe the organza and assemble it into moving ears of wheat on a ready-to-fly stole. A swirl of tulle, gauze and silk organza invaded the workshop, followed by a custom-made floral fabric, printed in 3D with verbena and patchouli. A new material is also introduced: raffia, a natural and renewable fibre inspired by the baskets and straw hats of the flower pickers. The palette is as soft as the heart notes that linger on the skin when the brighter tones have evaporated.


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