INTERCONTINENTAL REGENCY HOTEL delivered a selection of International dishes that left us in a welcomed food-coma.

For those of you who are craving the thrill of dining out and socialising freely perhaps the InterContinental Bahrain can alleviate this hunger with their extensive, mouth watering delivery menu. From pasta and pizza to Arabian specialities, breakfast dishes and vast party platters. They have managed to construct a menu which is not just varied but also replicates the true restaurant experience. The flair and exceptional quality that the team at the InterContinental faultlessly deliver to guests arrives at your door in inviting brown paper packages with ribbons and adornments which make you eager to dive in and see what is in store for you.

The Bahraini breakfast was packaged so thoughtfully and featured many of the classic dishes you would expect such as Shashuka, Balaleet and Falafel. Each dish was housed in tiny compartments which meant the individual flavours weren’t tainted by other sauces. The warm bread was pillowy soft and served as the perfect vessel for scooping up the delicious morsels. It worked just as well as a dinner item, almost like mezze or tapas.

The Lobster Mac and Cheese looked stunning even when presented in a brown cardboard container. The creamy pasta glistened below a vibrant orange lobster tail. The attention-to-detail is apparent throughout and the flecks of herbaceous garnish complement the other elements perfectly. It tasted decadent and like a very grown up, elegant version of a familiar comfort food. The quantities were perfect for such a rich dish. Sticking to seafood we also devoured the Salmon Steak with beautifully tender sautéed vegetables and grilled polenta. The sauce was cleverly kept separate so as not to swamp the dish. The quality of the ingredients was apparent and the flavours didn’t overpower the delicate flesh of the salmon.

“The attention-to-detail is apparent throughout and the flecks of herbaceous garnish complement the other elements perfectly.”

Biryani, unless prepared and served properly can be a real disappointment and has been on many occasions for me. However, this version was an absolute showstopper. The layers of spice blended with aromatic rose water were so definable and the presentation was superb, adorned with cashews and dried fruit. Such an iconic Indian dish which showcased the talent of the team across the full spectrum of cuisines.

The party platters are both savoury and sweet and range from Ouzi Platters with a choice of rice through to AntiPasto platters. Given my leaning towards the items towards the end of the menu I was delighted when we unearthed the pastry party platter. The delicate, delectable morsels were a feast for the eyes. Vibrant colourful macaroons, tiny meringue topped tarts as well as creamy cheesecake portions. Each was little more than a bite which made them perfect for gatherings where guests may be mingling and may not want or need a plate. Equally you could create tasty assiettes from the sensational selection. It couldn’t have been a more appropriate end to this experience from the InterContinental’s kitchens.

High end, home dining at its finest!

For deliveries and more information, please call 3696 7701 @interconbahrain

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