It may be tempting to keep your eyes fixed on the TV or social media news feeds as you try to keep yourself informed by reading every quarantine update that pops up on your phone—but worrying yourself can be like sitting in a rocking chair: it can give you something to do, but it doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere.

Take this rare opportunity and turn the isolation to your advantage; because the world is improved when its occupants are inspired and motivated, rather than anxious and overwhelmed.

Annoying as it is, lounging around at home does have its upsides – you can finally indulge in all those things you never have time for, whether it be taking a cooking masterclass, attending to your cracked heels or getting through that book you’ve been ignoring all year. Make the most of your kitchen and try out a new recipe. Make something you “never have time” to cook – you might just surprise yourself with the results.

Whilst clearing out your wardrobes you can sew those buttons or small holes that you always pass off. Yeah, remember that hole that was left after you ripped the tag off your shirt? Repair it in 15 minutes with some needle and thread.

Do the once-a-year jobs: Flip over and rotate your mattress so you can sleep better; purge your phone of bad photos and contacts you don’t want anymore; dust the bookshelf; clean out your clothes and load up a giveaway bag. Why not make a pandemic playlist whilst you’re at it to boost morale during such activities? Remember, feel-good songs only!

The importance of focusing on self care cannot be ignored. You now have more time to sit quietly and meditate. Do some stretches in the morning. Soak in a bathtub with some candles. Scrub your feet. Do a face mask if you have some on hand. Use your good china and tablecloths to eat a homemade dinner with some soft music playing — and remember to drink plenty of water!

There’s nothing like quarantine to indulge in a small TV binge. Luckily enough, the amount of good TV out there will most definitely take a few weeks to get through. Enjoy traditional puzzles like crosswords and jigsaws as well as online trivia games that can be wonderfully beneficial for your cognitive health too!

Remember, you aren’t alone. Make the most out of modern day technology and text, WhatsApp, and video call your family and even someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Think of this as a great opportunity to reconnect. Take the time to catch up on all the things you never get around to, whether binge-watching TV, making shakshuka or soothing your cracked heels.
Stay safe.

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