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Whenever we at Ohlala find out that Porsche Centre Bahrain has received a new model for us to test drive, we can hardly wait to get behind the wheel. This was certainly the case when we learned of the new Porsche 911 2020 4S Carrera Coupé’s entry into the Kingdom. Being the avid Porsche enthusiasts that we are, we knew we were in for a serious treat with this new member of the automobile royal family.

As soon as the Carrera Coupé came into view we had to pause to take in the sheer beauty of this machine. Although the overall exterior design is instantly recognisable as a 911, it was immediately obvious that subtle yet noticeable improvements have been introduced with this 2020 model. To begin with, all of the flowing body lines have been enhanced giving this Carrera a wider appearance to its predecessors. The width has been accentuated by the thick black grilles located both at the front and at the rear, both of which run the full breadth of the vehicle. The bonnet too looks to be slightly larger, sharper and wider, complimented by shapely air vents located underneath, that automatically open and close when required. The fog and daytime running lights are present in the form of LED strips that look uber modern and add to the sleek look of the exterior.

A novel feature of the flanks are the tucked in, electronic handles on the two doors that pop out when you unlock or place your hand next to them. 20-inch, high performance wheels are located on the front axle with 21-inch versions located on the rear axle. At the rear end, with its wide hips, the tail lights spread across the entire width of the vehicle, whilst the raised silver Porsche 911 lettering adds yet another touch of class. The stylish spoiler lies flat until it raises up automatically at a certain speed or manually at the touch of a button. The back glass extends to the very top of the 911, whilst a third brake light buried in the vents by the engine bay, adds another unique feature. Once inside the cockpit, it was clear that the class of the 911’s exterior flowed into the interior. All materials, finishing and trimmings used are of premium quality as is expected of any vehicle bearing the Porsche crest. The infotainment system includes a 10.9-inch touchscreen display, comprehensive connectivity and innovative assistance systems. The front seats were exceptionally comfortable and provided the driver with an optimal driving position. The rear seating area is significantly smaller than the front, however it is perfect for children, making this vehicle practical for everyday family use. These rear seats can be folded down to provide some internal storage space when required. This being a rearengine designed vehicle, the boot is located under the hood and this space provided allows you to store one decent sized item of luggage.

Once we were out on the tarmac, the fun really began. This new 992 redesigned Porsche 911 boasts a 3.0 litre, six-cylinder boxer engine with bi-turbo charging that generates 450hp. Power transmission is handled by the new eight-speed dual clutch transmission (PDK).

 “The Wet mode is all new for the 992 series and works through sensors in the wheel wells that listen to the road conditions and can sense when it is wet outside.”

This provides the 2020 model a top speed of 306 km/h and allows it to bullet from 0 – 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds! That’s the fastest ever from a 911. 330-millimetre brake disks with four-piston monobloc fixed callipers provide the stopping power and help one to keep full control of the vehicle. The handling of the 2020 model has been enhanced since previous models and the car stayed glued to the road even on even the sharpest of corners.

You have the option of five different driving modes including Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, Individual and Wet. The Wet mode is all new for the 992 series and works through sensors in the wheel wells that listen to the road conditions and can sense when it is wet outside. The GT style steering wheel felt perfect in hand throughout and gave us a hint of how racing drivers must feel when applying their trade. A host of high-end safety features and cameras help to ensure that you and your passengers always arrive safely at your desired destination.

All-in-all this was perhaps the fastest sports car we have had the privilege of experiencing, but it was the comfortability factor, flawless performance and overall sense of control that really made this new 911 stand out from all the rest.


To arrange a test drive please contact Porsche Centre Bahrain on 1745 9911 @porschecentrebahrain

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