Beautiful Blooms

The Graff Wild Flower collection combines a fresh perspective and contemporary reinterpretation of the jeweller’s heritage floral motif.

Paying a joyful tribute to the English Garden, the Graff Wild Flower collection is modern, feminine and youthful. Untamed femininity, cheerful irreverence and a daring youthfulness lie at the heart of this capsule, highlighting their founder Laurence Graff ’s fascination with the emotional power of gemstones. Delicately designed, these diamond studded creations set in white gold inspire you to explore and freely express yourself. You can wear the pieces singly or in combination with others, as each piece in the collection is distinct but complements the others.

A one-of-its-kind bouquet, the Graff Wild Flower collection brings beautiful blooms to adorn your hands, ears and neck – with rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants – each carefully crafted down to the last petal by master artisans. The floral motifs are set in such a way that each petal gently lifts toward the person wearing the piece with sculptural volume and organic asymmetry, creating the illusion of an abundantly blooming garden of fresh flowers. The Graff Wild Flower collection includes four flower styles in different sizes and arrangements, from trios and individual blooms to floral clusters and blossoms laid out in a row.

It highlights the brand’s expertise in creating more adventurous jewellery, especially when the jewellery industry was highly conventional. Each jewel is unique, much like the woman wearing it; however, it complements the capsule as a whole, which is why you can wear these signature pieces in any combination, making the Graff diamonds your own.

Floral motifs have long been part of the brand’s heritage. For over half a century, Graff has operated at the very pinnacle of the high-end jewellery industry, discovering and crafting diamonds of brilliance and rarity, transforming the brand into a global hallmark of innovation, creativity and craftsmanship. With the Graff Wild Flower collection, they explore a fresh perspective and contemporary reinterpretation of the flower – one that’s wild – free from tradition – and bursting with life. The Graff Wild Flower is a statement of empowerment. We love the Wild Flower Large Diamond Cluster Ring and Wild Flower Diamond Sautoir Necklace – statement pieces that will instantly elevate your ensemble while still retaining the delicateness of a flower – empowered and feminine.

Graff collections are available at Bahrain Jewellery Centre (BJC).


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