OHLALA visited The Diplomat Spa for a full-body renewal to start 2024 in a state of pure bliss.

There is nothing better than beginning the New Year with a pampering experience. OHLALA headed to The Diplomat Spa at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa to embark on their Holiday Bliss Package. The comprehensive treatment includes a gentle exfoliating scrub, a full-body relaxing massage and a hydrating facial.

The hotel is situated amidst the liveliness of the Diplomatic Area, which led us to anticipate that this would be a spa exuding a bustling city ambience. However, we must say, we were pleasantly surprised by its secluded and tranquil surroundings. Upon entering the reception area, one is greeted by a spacious layout complemented by a delightful fragrance and a serene ambience.

The Spa and Recreation Manager, Tamar Badzagua, welcomed us with her beautiful and friendly smile and guided us on a tour of the facilities. After completing a form that included inquiries about our health and massage preferences, ensuring a memorable and personalised experience uniquely tailored to our needs, we proceeded to the spa. The spa is located in a separate building, and alongside it is the health club, which boasts a well-equipped gym featuring a wide range of high-tech equipment. Tamar shared that the space has a great community vibe and loyal members. Furthermore, we were informed about the availability of a sauna and steam room, providing guests with the option to utilise them either before or after their workout session.

Back at the spa building, it was time to meet Sophy, the therapist, and enter the door to embark on a fantastic journey – little did we know what awaited. The corridor is dimly lit to set you into a calming mode with blue lights on the floor (blue is the colour associated with calmness and peace). Before reaching the treatment rooms, there is a fantastic space with a small waterfall, a wooden bridge, loungers, and plants, creating a relaxing ambience. After crossing the bridge, you’ll discover a fountain under a skylight dome, allowing natural light into the area. Men find solace on the first floor, while the second floor beckons ladies with charm.

Guided by Sophy, we arrived at the very spacious treatment room. The room boasted a generously comfortable massage bed, accompanied by a range of amenities to enhance the bathing experience, including a bathtub, an in-room toilet and a refreshing shower. Guests are enveloped in an atmosphere of enchantment, where every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure their stay is a symphony of convenience and unparalleled comfort. It’s noticeable that there are no city noises, only melodic soft music and a distant water sound from the fountain – we were eager to leave behind worldly concerns and fully immerse in the rejuvenating experience of mind, body and soul.

Scrubbing your skin from time to time is very beneficial as it removes dead cells for better moisturiser absorption. It also unclogs the pores and eliminates product build-up. We had the coffee scrub with milk. The antioxidants in coffee improve skin texture by smoothing and rejuvenating it. Sophy’s gentle pressure made it an enjoyable experience. The scent of coffee instantly transported us on a sensory journey.

After the full-body scrub, a shower was required to remove the product residue while Sophy prepared the bed for the massage. For the Balinese treatment – a traditional therapy with a modern twist – she chose lavender oil. This type of massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy to stimulate blood and oxygen flow and bring a sense of well-being and deep relaxation. Sophy’s expert touch worked wonders on our tense muscles, providing us with a blissful sense of relief.

Last but not least, it was time for a facial. We went for a brightening treatment that would restore some vitality to our lustreless skin. She started with deep cleansing, moving to a gentle scrub. She applied a moisturiser to perform a lymphatic drainage massage focused on stimulating lymph nodes to enhance circulation and eliminate toxins. She then added a thick mask layer using a brush and moved her fingers to the scalp performing a massage to improve circulation in the area. She ended the facial with a serum and moisturiser. All the products at The Diplomat Spa are from PHYTOMER, a French brand that believes in the sea’s properties and the power of natural ingredients.

Before leaving, we had a delightful elderflower tea while checking our phones, feeling pampered and relaxed. Staying away from any screen for more than two hours was another additional benefit of the treatment. Transformed into a renewed being, from head to toe, we basked in the exhilaration of the session. It far exceeded our expectations, and we can confidently say that Sophy stands among the finest therapists we have ever met. If you are looking for a total reboot, visit The Diplomat Spa to start 2024 with a renewed vibration.

For more information or to make a booking, please call
The Diplomat Spa at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel,
Residence & Spa on 1753 1666 and 3990 2629 or email

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