The Bells are Ringing

The wedding day is usually a hectic one. Even when you plan every detail, some things might slip your mind. Miss Ohlala highlights what couples typically forget.

Your marriage ceremony is an important event to you, your family and your friends. Even if you are having a small gathering, the feeling that you might be forgetting something crucial will afflict you. Here is a list of things to remember:

  • Have a plan B regarding the weather. No matter if you live in the Middle East, where a sunny day is almost guaranteed, you should be prepared for a change. Maybe it will be unusually hot that day, or it might rain. Prepare a strategy if the weather plays a trick and tries to disrupt your celebration.
  • Have a sewing kit in your first aid bag. You never know if you or any of your guests will have some sort of clothing malfunction.
  • Don’t forget to eat. Most couples get so overwhelmed by the function that they forget to consume the food they carefully selected a few months ago. Even set an alarm if necessary to ensure you will take the time to eat.
  • Make sure you have your phone charger with you. It might be a long day, and you will need to communicate with people, so having your charger with you will be paramount.
  • Be present. Time will pass by so quickly, it is essential to take deep breaths throughout the day to take it all in and create the best memories.
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