This month, the sustainability and wellness mentor, Victoria Kruse, talks about improving your wellness during the new season while sharing a refreshing recipe with us.

As spring approaches in the northern hemisphere, it is a good time to reflect on ways to renew our wellbeing. Wellness means different things to different people, and there is a wide variety of things that give us joy and peace in our minds.

It is also a perfect time to restore our minds by spending time with nature. After being confined inside, not just during the winter period but also after the long pandemic we had to endure, it is important to find outdoor spaces that make you pause and breathe deeply.

A guest in our resort asked my husband and me which were our favourite places on the island. My husband’s answer was the Sunrise beach as he loves looking out at the water; it brings calmness into his hectic life. Mine is walking through our organic vegetable and herb plantation and seeing the slight differences and growth that happens daily. Both spaces feed the soul and offer a peaceful place for reflection.

This spring, I encourage you to carve out time in schedules packed with work, juggling family commitments and all the other things that crowd our time to find that place, or thing, that makes you pause. That allows you to breathe. Also, move a little more to make your muscles relax and have fresh blood flow. This is vital in revitalising your body. Of course, for me, wellness is intrinsically linked with food. Spring is a great time to cleanse our bodies of the heavier foods that are often eaten in colder months. Consider some cleansing tonics that include citrus, turmeric and coconut charcoal. If you don’t already start your day with warm water and lemon juice, this could be a great new start.

The flower season brings wellness through food by giving us a bounty of fresh vegetables such as delicate lettuce and crunchy asparagus. In desert countries, many fruits, such as avocado, flourish. This is the perfect time of year for nourishing our bodies with the vitamins and minerals fresh produce gives. Seaweed is a great companion to fresh foods, offering a plethora of health benefits.

Tuna and Seaweed Tartare

80g fresh tuna
40g avocado
2g chopped spring onion
Lime zest and juice
Salt and pepper
Dill and sliced radish to garnish
Seaweed Tartare
10g wakame seaweed dried
5g capers
2g nori sheets
5g spring onion
Green oil
100ml olive oil
Small bunch of parsley

To make the seaweed tartare, soak the nori and wakame in water until soft. Drain and chop the ingredients together.
Dice the tuna and place in a bowl with lime zest and juice; add salt and the chopped spring onion. To make the green oil, blend olive oil and parsley together and fine strain.
Chop the avocado and lightly mash with a fork, add salt, pepper and lime juice. Arrange the avocado in a round shape on the plate. On top, place the tuna and the chopped seaweed in the middle. Add the garnish dill tips, red radish thinly sliced and dribble the green oil around the dish.

PS.: This recipe is also delicious as an avocado tartare, with fresh lime juice squeezed on top, for those following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.


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