It’s Looking a Lot Like Winter

The nice weather is finally here and Miss Ohlala highlights the best of this time of year in the Middle East.

Winter will officially hit the calendar on December 22 and stay until March 20, 2024, which means temperatures will drop considerably (by Middle Eastern standards), and we can finally enjoy the best the cold season has to offer in this part of the world.

Here are our favourite things to do:

Outdoor Gatherings. It might sound strange to anyone in the rest of the world, but winter is when we get to sit outside and enjoy the pleasant weather with friends and family. The barbecue season is open and garden lights flicker to the sound of laughter and joyful moments.

Gardening. People use this time to take care of their gardens, plant flowers and grow vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and herbs. It’s also the period for Farmers’ Markets offering fresh local produce and street food.

Al Fresco Dining. There is no better time to dine under the stars than during the winter months. An array of restaurants open their outdoor spaces and offer special menus. During chillier evenings, the heaters are turned on to create a cosy atmosphere.

Exercising. While summer is all about indoor activities, latenight sports or, frequently, no movement at all. Winter is when people walk, run and cycle on the roads and staying active is encouraged. The freedom to exercise at any time of the day is absolutely the best!

Blankets. Cosying up under the covers because the weather outside says so and not because the AC blasts a freezing breeze feels much nicer.

Warm Drinks. Any time now is a good time for a hot cocoa or special winter drink with pumpkin spice flavours perfuming the room. It brings a soothing feeling that only comes around this time of the year.

Make the most of it!

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