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Q4 is here with an array of exciting new products, brand collaborations and a tech solution – we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share them with you!

Elegant Timekeeping

For fans of smartwatches and heritage, the new Series 9 bands Apple Watch Hermès marries elegance and sporty style. The Apple-Hermès partnership started in 2015 on the grounds of providing creations that share the same goal of combining function with aesthetics. The bands in webbing, knit and rubber demonstrate meticulous and creative work. Bridon evokes the aesthetic of an equestrian bridle, one of Hermès’ signatures. Toile H & Twill Jump features the two motifs in a webbing weave. Kilim is a waterproof rubber band inspired by Hermès jewellery. Clou de Selle pays homage to the house’s equestrian roots, an ode to their leatherworking expertise. The collection meets the desires of men and women who love beautiful design, cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials.

Encounter of Icons

If you are a fashion lover, this partnership is for you. Luxury accessories brand Jimmy Choo collaborates with the French house Jean Paul Gaultier on an exclusive footwear capsule. The collection fuses two creative identities founded on a shared vision of powerful, confident and glamorous femininity. The pieces have been co-designed by the houses’ Creative Directors, Sandra Choi ( Jimmy Choo) and Florence Tétier ( Jean Paul Gaultier), with a strong reference to both names’ archival legacies. Pumps, boots and mules come with eye-catching details highlighting their signatures. The relevance of the two names in the fashion world is undeniable, and seeing them holding hands for a special capsule is exciting news!

100-Year Celebration

Disney continue to mark their 100 milestone with unique collaborations. This time, Christian Louboutin embraces the Marvel universe in a limited-edition footwear and accessories collection for women, men and children. As part of Disney100, the capsule has been launched alongside an exclusive comic book introducing a superhero based on – and co-created by – Christian Louboutin himself. The Infinity Stones plot caught the designer’s attention and was used as inspiration to embed strass into two unique heels for men and women. Namor, the first character ever appearing in a Marvel comic, influenced the reinvention of the Louboutin scales into an exclusive texture known as Spikes Namor. You will find sandals, trainers, boots, handbags and caps, all inspired by the dream-making world of the two brands.

East Meets West

KENZO and Levi’s have joined forces and launched a capsule collection, the first-ever collaboration under Nigo, KENZO’s Creative Director, fusing the cultural heritages of the Parisian-Japanese fashion house and the American apparel company. The denim-focused proposal for women and men exemplifies the cross-pollination between historical Japanese dressmaking and classic American workwear. Composed of around 20 garments and accessories crafted mainly in Kaihara premium Japanese denim, the collection epitomises the functionality approach so important to the designer. An avid collector of historical clothing, Nigo’s archives in Japan hold a considerable catalogue of American denim pieces, including original Levi Strauss & Co. workwear created for cowboys and miners. The capsule collection is available at KENZO boutiques worldwide, in selected Levi’s stores and on and

Original Creations

Many brands worldwide are affected by product piracy. To detect fake goods, Bosh has created Origify, a solution to identify luxury items using a product-specific optical fingerprint. Origify works with a special camera in a dedicated Origify hardware module. Each piece is captured with one or more images and digitally stored in a reliable cloud. Its digital fingerprint can be retrieved over its entire life cycle, allowing brand manufacturers to identify it without a doubt as long as the product’s surface structure is intact. “Every single item, even in an industrially manufactured series – like a watch’s dial or movement or a handbag or shoe surface structure – has unique features that are not repeated in the series and that we can capture with Origify,” explains Oliver Steinbis, responsible for the project in the Bosch Group. This solution won’t stop counterfeit merchandise but will certify the real deal.

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