Iconic Codes Redefined

The original Toric, from Parmigiani Fleurier, holds a special place in the memories of high-end horology collectors and enthusiasts, and, this year, it makes an exciting comeback.

The new generation Toric is no mere remake of the collection first presented at the brand’s inception in 1996. Instead, the manufacture has deliberately chosen to redefine the codes of masculine elegance without compromise, by breaking with all established conventions. It is an ode to the fluidity of modern design, embodying a refreshing and serene vision of luxury, where technical innovation harmoniously combines with refined aesthetics.

Refined in its design, it transcends established watchmaking norms, flirting with the boundaries of the possible to outline the contours of an ever-evolving luxury. In its gears, a promise of renewal.

Visionary Clarity: Horological Sartorial Refinement

Its keys to interpretation are drastically simple:

Elevation towards the noblest materials and deep horological culture. Manual winding only, movements in gold only, dials in gold exclusively, indexes and hours and minutes hands strictly in gold, cases in gold and platinum. And finally, closure by a gold and platinum buckle to appreciate the beauty of the movement.

The dial, meticulously grained by hands that speak the language of the ancient and precious, and the nubuck-treated alligator strap, offer an experience of unparalleled softness and sophistication.

Modern Fluidity of The Torus

Inspired originally by Doric columns and the geometry of the torus, the collection has traversed the years without losing its identity strength since 1996. While it has obviously evolved, one element has remained constant over time: the knurled bezel, which is today part of the collections signed Parmigiani Fleurier.

The cases of the new collection are logically topped with it but have been radically modernised. Aside from this signature, they no longer have a formal kinship with the founding generation and open a new chapter in Toric’s history.

The overall lines of the case, pure and minimalist, testify to the aesthetic quest it has undergone. There are no protrusions or aggressive angles, but a fluid softness from any viewing perspective: whether from the side or front, the case and bracelet blend into a single whole.

Watchmaking’s Forgotten Heritage

Toric is the perfect representative of the manufacture’s respect for horological heritage. Indexes and hands are in 18-carat rose gold. As for the gold dial, it is grained and bevelled, following meticulous traditional art. Graining is a finishing technique that gives the surface a mattified texture of exceptional fineness, the quintessence of watchmaking craftsmanship. This method, rediscovered through the perseverance and expertise of master watchmakers such as Michel Parmigiani, involves the careful application of a special mixture on the dial, composed of cream of tartar, crushed sea salt and silver, mixed with demineralised water to create a homogeneous paste.

Inspired by a vintage aesthetic from the 1960s, the Toric dials are not uniformly flat but bevelled. Their edges drop slightly to rest against the inner face of the case, presenting a level difference. This bevelled technique is inspired by the manufacture of watch glasses, also an ancient traditional technique. The glass is shaped in a specific manner to adapt to the particular shape of the watch case. Unlike flat or slightly domed glasses, bevelled glasses are curved or rounded to perfectly match the contour of the watch case.

Chromatic Disruption And ‘Punto A Mano’

The strap, finally, does not escape the overall approach. Based on alligator, its pastel Nubuck finish benefits from a sartorial stitch, known as punto a mano, employed by the best Neapolitan tailors. It is an aesthetic signature as well as its role is to increase the comfort of wearing the suit.

With Toric, Parmigiani Fleurier are not just offering a new collection of watches; they invite a deeper reflection on what it means to be elegant in the contemporary world. This collection is the result of a thoughtful approach aimed at harmonising exceptional craftsmanship with innovative aesthetics. It is intended to transcend the usual boundaries of classicism, offering a contemporary interpretation of the watch that values the very essence of modern elegance.


Crafted in rose gold, the engine of the Toric Petite Seconde is entirely new and barely noticeable at first glance.

Three large surfaces in 18-carat rose gold serve as bridges, arranged in a pure geometric perspective. Only the two barrels and the regulating organ are visible. This development with its unprecedented architecture, with its large bridges decorated with Côtes de Fleurier alternating with a sandblasted plate, references the great tradition of watchmaking in a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic configuration.

Its structure has been deeply worked on in an approach where aesthetic research predominates, considering the formal requirement dictated by elegance. The movement was designed to be manually wound to appreciate the finesse of rewinding and the tactile gesture that the watch deserves.

Eighteen-carat rose gold is also used for the movement of the Toric Chronograph Rattrapante, which beats at a high frequency (5Hz), and incorporates a double column wheel. Its structural elements, skeletonised to suggest an Arabesque style, leave ample room for visual appreciation of its moving components. Gold movements are now extremely rare in high-end watchmaking.

Golden Tempo

This genuine competition-class machine invites an absolute immersion in gold that conceals a world-class masterpiece calibre, in a resolutely Haute Horlogerie iteration. This movement integrates 285 components, 35 jewels, and a 65-hour power reserve. The tenth-of-a-second precision and the challenge of shaping such a malleable material as gold are assets that every devotee of the finest watchmaking will appreciate. It is a tribute to the zenith of horological artistry. It’s not just a movement; it’s a narrative of passion, expertise, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

For more information, please visit www.parmigiani.com

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