December is a month full of social gatherings culminating with end-of-year parties. OHLALA’s editor headed to Dessange Paris Bahrain for a stunning look for the holidays.

The Christmas lights are on, and the end-of-year gatherings are marked on the calendar – all you need to do is get ready for the season’s celebrations. Apart from sorting your outfits, beautiful hair and nails are mandatory add-ons for the perfect final touch to your looks. And there is no better place to get different hairstyles and eye-catching nails than Dessange Paris Bahrain – the go-to haven for all your beauty needs.

My monthly visit is always one that brings me happiness. This is a place where I feel well cared for and where I know I will leave feeling fabulous every time (either for a look transformation or relaxation reasons). Eva, the lovely salon manager, asked me to let my nails grow as long as possible for incredible fingertips. Due to a lot of hand washing, sanitising and lack of discipline, I must confess, my nails weren’t in their best shape. To make them look less damaged and help them grow longer, I made sure I was applying the solar oil Amy, Dessange’s senior nail artist, had recommended on a previous visit.

To embrace the festive period, the team at Dessange worked on my hair and nails for a red-carpet look. We started with a hair treatment before moving forward to the styling part. At Dessange, your hair and scalp are treated seriously. Joanne, my hair therapist that day, checked my tresses’ state before opting for the PhytoDess treatment for hair damage. The line offers professional hair and scalp care using formulas primarily made from natural ingredients.

Joanne looked like an alchemist mixing and matching products to suit my normal scalp and parched, bleached tresses. The treatment started with the application of the Huile Précieuse Or essential oil to my scalp, followed by Terre Précieuse Or clay, which brings a delicate balance between gold extract, specially chosen essential oils and yellow clay to help stabilise and cleanse scalp and hair. It also helps to moisturise, regenerate, retexture and strengthen the hair fibre. The treatment stayed in place for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, she applied the Crème Au Miel Et à L’Immortelle mask on the length, perfect for dry hair. This pre-shampoo care is a sensory delight enriched with honey, everlasting flower and babassu oil. The product works like cement on the hair fibre, leaving it soft and strong with regained body. Applied lock by lock to the length and ends; it also stayed in my hair for about 15 minutes. At this point, a delightful head massage was performed to relieve stress, reduce tension, improve circulation and promote hair growth.

Time was up, and we moved to the washing area. I know I have mentioned this before, but it is always good to remember that the hair basin chair has a massage system imbued, and all you have to do is sit back and relax. The Shampooing à L’Edelweiss is a delicate shampoo enriched with edelweiss extract that gently washes the hair leaving it hydrated – it had an incredible smell that I could sense even under my mask. The Tiger Nut Oil Mask followed the perfumed wash to condition my distressed and unruly hair. I was then ready for Khoutar, the stylist’s, final touch.

It was amazing to see the difference in my hair texture. I have very curly hair, and blow-dries don’t always look so good, but having it done after this ultra-restorative treatment for significantly damaged hair, looked fantastic. It was bouncy and soft, and I felt like I could easily be featured in one of those fancy shampoo advertising campaigns.

To finalise the diva look, Jeany started treating my nails; cutting, filing, and polishing. The quick hand massage touched a few points that were quite sore. The constant act of holding my mobile phone and typing at my computer affects not only my arms and shoulders but also my hands. Jeany told me to put some pressure on the aching points from time to time to help release the tension.

It’s celebration time! And to embrace the season, my nails were painted in bright, vivid red with some white artistic touches done by Amy. In December, we have Bahrain National Day and Christmas, so there’s nothing better than having these colours painted on your fingertips to complement your looks. The feeling of looking our best is one we always expect when leaving a beauty salon. And every time I say goodbye to the ladies at Dessange and step outside their splendid villa, I feel more confident, with higher selfesteem and consequently, happier!

For more information and to book an appointment, please call Dessange on 1771 3999.

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