Creative Director Matthew M. Williams invites the artist to embellish accessories for Spring 2022

Givenchy is pleased to unveil a range of accessories for Spring 2022 designed by Creative Director Matthew M. Williams in collaboration with his longtime friend, the graphic artist Chito.

Fusing Givenchy’s DNA and the Seattle-born, Mexico-based artist’s airbrushed signatures, a series of special, limited-edition accessories — spanning bags, shoes, and jewelry — feature statement-making motifs and characters, including the Truehearted girl, the cartoon dog, Blue Moon, and the House’s signature 4G emblem.

Streetwise pieces give the designer’s industrial-inflected vision for Givenchy a playful twist: The empowering, endearing Truehearted girl brings an edgy attitude to a light pink leather bag with a woven strap featuring spray-painted hearts. Blue Moon illuminates a crossbody bag in steel blue tones. A spray-painted 4G motif adorns a woven strap, giving a crossbody bag an urban vibe.

For footwear, Marshmallow wedges and slides appear in black with a contrasting, airbrushed 4G emblem. Truehearted returns on white leather city sneakers, as does Chito’s signature cartoon dog – a symbol of protection and loyalty – on tennis shoes for women and men. High-tops and performance shoes feature black and white cartoon faces or dynamic airbrushed stripes.

In a meeting of creative minds, Givenchy essentials adopt a graffiti-art sensibility, creating a modern hybrid take on classic French style.

Givenchy accessories for Spring 2022 in collaboration with Chito will be available in-store and online starting on November 1st, 2021.

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