Embarking on a flavourful journey, OHLALA’s editor and her family dined at one of the most anticipated comebacks, the Friday Brunch at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. And the wait was definitely worth it!

Travelling to different countries involves exploring local cuisines, trying unexpected combinations and expanding your food knowledge. At Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Friday Brunch, you get to travel to many different countries just by going to the next station. Authentic and contemporary twists are one step away from each other. We made sure to enjoy this palatefriendly trip that brought memories of past holidays and the excitement of sharing new flavours and creating unique moments in the beautiful Bahrain Bay Kitchen ambience.

Our way down the stairs made us realise that the light entering the space was notably nicer that day; we were lucky enough to be sitting by the window with a view of the outside greenery contrasting with the blue water at the end of the live picture. To my happiness, the Bahrain Bay Kitchen looked exactly the same as I remembered it. The round columns and golden accents throughout the room excel in grandness, and the food stations are carefully arranged with enough space to spot what you want and to move around. Comfortable chairs and tables of the right size to fit all and the food samples complement this impressive space. As we sat, everyone’s big smile was the best kick-start to an enjoyable day that would enter our family’s best moments list.

One of the things that I appreciated most at Four Seasons brunch was that all the stations were clearly identified with unique chalk writings, and there was a subtle division between them. It was not the usual unflattering dish after dish. All the Arabic creations were arranged near each other and decorated accordingly and likewise all the East Asian options available in the same area. My exploration strategy followed their floor plan, so if I wanted to explore the Italian delicacies, I would head to the site with pizzas and yummy types of pasta; how great is that? A genuine expedition into the world of food.

Talking about the Italian station, I have to highlight the freshly baked pizzas. You won’t find the regular round versions but more rustic looking ones with crispy dough and high-quality toppings in this Pinsa Romana pizza style which is a reinterpretation of an ancient Roman recipe. The smell was as delicious as the soft and yet crunchy dough – I love pizza dough – airy and full of flavour from its natural levitation.

I decided to head to Peru and stopped at the live ceviche station. As you probably know, ceviche is a refreshing cold dish that brings a twist to raw fish. The two chefs at the cooking station were busy preparing the beautifully presented options available: the seabass marinated in classic Leche de Tigre (made with lime juice, onions, chillies, salt and pepper combined with the fish’s juices), a traditional option and one with red chilli paste; Nikkei salmon (an encounter between Japan and Peru bringing a tangy taste when adding South American flavours) with tamarind paste, bonito flakes and nori crackers; and shrimp with passion fruit, Ají Amarillo (popular Peruvian chilli) and crispy banana to add a crunch. The flavours, as expected, were divine, mixing intense juices and textures. It was an exciting live cooking station and probably unique to Four Seasons’ brunch in Bahrain. I even had the chance to use my poor Spanish to talk to the Peruvian chef.

Moving to the Levantine region, my favourite part was the Fatteh station. The word fatteh means crumbles and mixes pieces of toasted flatbread, yoghurt, mint, olive oil and chickpeas. And as you can imagine, you can prepare your own version at the station, adding the ingredients you like the most.

Meat lovers (such as my husband) have so many options that you have to be selective and start with your preferred cuts; otherwise, you won’t eat them all. He loves ribs, so he went for the Barbeque Short Ribs, and the flesh was easily coming off the bones in succulent pieces that he devoured with pleasure. The Slow Roasted Wagyu Rump was one of his other options, and he barely had words to say how soft and well-flavoured the slice of meat was – simply seasoned yet cooked to perfection and bringing out the taste of such a highquality cut of meat.

My six-year-old was excited about the kids’ corner. All the food is available at their height, which is well-thought-out; this way, they can see the food and choose their preferred bites independently. From mac and cheese, mini burgers, fries, and steamed broccoli to popcorn and doughnuts hung on a funky wall. He went for a plate full of broccoli and popcorn – weird taste buds, I know.

If you are a seafood enthusiast, the selection is vast, with shrimps, lobster, mussels and fresh oysters displayed in a bed of ice that make them look very appealing. Sushi, bao buns, dumplings and a wok station complement the Asian spread. And, one of the most impressive areas is where countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain meet, represented by their impeccable cheeses. My teenage daughter went on a mission and grabbed one small piece of each; what a beautiful plate she had, paired with fruits and nuts.

And what is a brunch without eye-catching desserts? Another worldwide degustation journey with Blonde Chocolate Brownie, Crême Brûlée, Saffron Rice Pudding, Mango & Coconut Torta, Cherry Pavlova, Tiramisu, Cannoli, Japanese Cheesecake, Arabic sweets and a variety of cakes surrounded by mini samples of the beautiful creations and more, much more – all beautifully displayed and finely decorated in stunning designs. So difficult to choose! We got a few options and shared them. Our favourite bites (from our small selection) were the Crême Brûlée, Japanese Cheesecake and Florencia ice cream – the island’s beloved home brand had a parked pushcart near the kids’ corner.

But the experience does not end with the food. Refreshing drinks are available near the freshly-cut fruits, and we unanimously approved the passion fruit lemonade that was served in cute little bottles. You can also order specific drinks from the attentive staff, who constantly check if everything is fine with big smiles and a helpful attitude to attend to any personal requests.

To complete the memorable experience, live music with Latin and pop tunes and the nice touch of bringing a talented magician to entertain the diners. He came to our table, and we couldn’t believe our eyes and senses with his impressive tricks – he left us, especially my son, speechless.

The Four Seasons gourmet brunch is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-end and wholesome experience – best shared with family and friends. We ended our delightful afternoon by walking in the garden for some family photos and stunning views.

Are you looking for a delectable feast and a unique experience in town? The Friday Brunch will take you on an unforgettable and unexpected flavour trip with no uncomfortable planes or jet lag.

For more information or to make a reservation, please call Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay on 1711 5500 or email

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