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Skincare technology? We want to know all about it! OHLALA talks to Laurence Newman, CEO of CurrentBody, who explains how it all started and the latest products created for home use.

The market for beauty, health, and well-being devices designed for home use has grown exponentially. Treatments that previously were only available at spas and dermatology clinics are now happening in the comfort of people’s homes. The devices became smaller and easier, with men and women alike adhering to self-care. Yes, the pandemic gave it a push, but demand was increasing well before it wreaked havoc on our lives. CurrentBody is specialised in offering edgy beauty devices, and its recent launch in the Middle East has been received enthusiastically by the beauty buffs out there. Here, Laurence Newman, CEO of CurrentBody, tells us more about his company and the future of home skincare.

Technology is present in many aspects of our everyday life. How did CurrentBody notice that a platform dedicated to health and well-being home care innovations could be a success? Was it challenging to have people embracing the concept at the beginning?

CurrentBody was set up 11 years ago, and I used all my background in aesthetic procedures in the clinic to create it. As technology advanced, I believed that clinic treatments could be miniaturised into at-home devices that offered people the chance to boost their salon results with supporting devices to be used at home. Whilst the home-use options were very few 11 years ago, the sector has advanced significantly, and we now have a massive range of technologies available for customers. We’ve always believed that education is essential with home-use devices, and our expertise has helped people embrace the concept.

Nowadays, it is easy to find at least one electrical beauty tool in most households. What do you think are the reasons for people wanting to take care of themselves at home?

The demand for beauty tools and devices has undoubtedly grown as people have discovered that their favourite salon technologies can be found in home-use devices. We have seen the anti-ageing category, in particular, rise over the recent years as it has become far more acceptable to talk about taking care of yourself – both in a clinic and at home. The growth of ‘self-care Sunday’ has led to people sharing details of their beauty routines on social media and increased the conversation around both taking time out for yourself and tackling the signs of ageing. This fact became even more relevant during the lockdown periods of 2020, when salons were closed and people had to look for alternative ways to maintain their beauty routines.

CurrentBody recently launched its website in the Middle East, a place where women and men are known for taking good care of their skin, hair, and beauty in general. What are our favourite devices?

Our LED mask has been hugely popular since we launched in the Middle East due to how easy it is to use and the fact that we have clinical trials to back up its efficacy. We know women in the Middle East like devices that boost their salon treatments, and this is a perfect example of a widget you can use at home to support your regular clinic visits. Other popular choices are the NuFACE microcurrent line as it mimics popular salon face-toning treatments and the Braun IPL for long-term hair removal at home.

The LED light therapy mask is your brand creation. How did you come up with such a unique device and what is its most significant feature?

We carefully designed our LED light mask using flexible silicone to make it very comfortable to wear and convenient to use. Consistent use is essential with all at-home devices, so we wanted to design something that fits easily into a daily routine and only took 10 minutes. Our customers told us that shorter treatment times and easy-to-use devices meant they kept up their treatment plan, so we took this on board when designing our mask.

What are your currently working on? Can we expect more devices being created and developed by CurrentBody?

You certain can! Our LED mask has been such a success that we recently launched a version for the neck and décolletage, following feedback from our customers. We’ve also just launched a skincare line designed to boost the results of your favourite device, with the most popular being our Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is perfect for pairing with all our antiageing machines to hydrate the skin after a treatment. 2021 will see a range of top-secret new devices being launched, so keep an eye on what we’ve been doing to stay tuned with the most exciting technology out there.

For more information, please visit www.me.currentbody.com @currentbody

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