Enhanced Eye-Con

Looking for a luminous eye contour? Lancôme has launched its ultimate treatment for the area – the new Advanced Génifique Yeux.

The focus on the eyes is more evident than ever. The constant use of masks makes eyes the only visible feature on the face. Strong and emotive, the eye contour is also delicate and fragile. The atmosphere under the mask is warmer and wetter and generates condensation that rises towards the eye contour. This can affect the skin barrier function and possibly unbalance the microbiome in the area, which is particularly sensitive to temperature and humidity variations.

In 2019, Lancôme unveiled its Advanced Génifique Serum, and this product pioneered a new era in effective skincare using microbiome science. The brand is now launching a new formula in its Advanced Génifique Yeux that cares for the sensitive eye contour area. Lancôme Research Centre has revealed that the skin around the eyes has a specific microbiome. It is also, on average, three times thinner than the rest of the face and can easily dehydrate, resulting in faster and earlier ageing signs.

The product is enriched with a unique complex of seven pre and probiotic fractions for its complementary action on the skin microbiome and its environment. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin CG (a derivative of vitamin C that boosts collagen production) and a blend of active ingredients dedicated to the delicate eye contour. It allows the area to recover faster from external aggressions. After using one jar, it promises to diminish the appearance of dark circles and promote plumper and radiant eyes with fewer lines.

The improved Advanced Génifique Yeux has an iridescent pearly white colour and is made with a rich, silky gel-cream texture that feels velvety to the touch with rapid absorption. It envelops the skin with a weightless film that protects and hydrates without leaving a sticky sensation.


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