Enchanted Ramadan Nights

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Ramadan nights are filled with good spirits and good food. Join OHLALA’s Layal El Mahmoud for a pleasant feast at InterContinental Regency Bahrain.

أهلاً وسهلاً  ,Bien Venue, Welcome, in Arabic, French, English, and more languages that I would love to learn. This is the first sign of the warmth of Arab hospitality that you experience when you visit InterContinental Regency Bahrain.

The Holy Month is upon us again but, this year, the approach to Iftar feasts and Ghabga celebrations is different, to say the least, and definitely challenging.

With the amazing team at InterContinental Regency Bahrain, there is nothing to worry about. All the safety measures are taken to make sure the experience offered to you, and your beloved ones or colleagues, is as safe as it is enjoyable, as the kitchen team works hard to bring you their best. Believe me; you will not miss the fancy tents once you taste the fresh air, especially as the weather is showing us great mercy. Thank you, God. Entering through the revolving door to the vast lobby of one of the hotels that’s closest to my heart on the island, you cannot but notice how quiet it is. A short trip to the first floor, and a stroll to the poolside, changes the mood.

The elegant setup with all-white tables and chairs is relaxing and definitely respects the social distancing rules. You glance at the pool, and wish you could take a quick dip. Right there, in the centre of it all, you see a harp nestled in the middle of the water, waiting to enchant your heart and soul. Take a walk around the pool to discover displays of Bahrain’s handicrafts that speak of culture and heritage and make for the perfect Ramadan décor. Recalling the old days of the Kingdom, items featured make wonderful gifts to capture the spirit of the Holy Month and come courtesy of Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre where artisans keep the old traditions alive.

The display is a welcome addition to the hotel’s ongoing efforts to help preserve Bahrain’s fascinating culture. It is already time to break our fast; the welcoming staff escort us to our table. Others immediately begin serving dates, Arabic coffee, and Ramadan juices, then a complete set of hot and cold Mezze. Hummus, Mutabbal, Baba Ghannouj, labneh, pastries and Kibbeh, Fattoush and Tabbouleh, Okra – the full menu!

I grab a glass of Qamar-Eddin juice, and savour it slowly, enjoying the balmy weather. And then, there she is, the harp lady in a floating red dress. She takes her place welcoming the crowd with a familiar melody, and you find yourself starting to sing along “Marhab Marhab ya hilal, Ahlan Ahlan kaifal-hal” and we automatically smile with the tune of this beautiful melody. A lot of people might think that food is a big deal in Ramadan but, at least to me, I can tell you, it is the spirit. Be assured that InterContinental Regency has ticked the boxes in all aspects. The Mezze plates are well prepared. The drinks are perfect, not too sweet, and not too light – full of flavour, but not sugar!

The main course is a collection—a huge plate of mixed grills that is more than enough for four people. A family-sized plate of Mansaf or Qoozi topped with the most tender and perfectly cooked lamb shank. There is also Harees, Mahshee (zucchini and eggplant), Saloona, and pasta. What a real embodiment of generosity and abundance!

“A lot of people might think that food is a big deal in Ramadan but, at least to me, I can tell you, it is the spirit.”

And of course, everyone in Ramadan needs their fix of energy, aka sweets and coffee, the duo that is loved by all. Say no more; once the main course is cleared, a rainbow of Arabic sweets and mini cakes fills the table, in addition to the traditional Um-Ali and Kunafa. I am beyond satisfied. What an Iftar! Good food and good vibes, I could not ask for more. If you haven’t visited InterContinental Regency yet, book your Iftar or Ghabga now and thank me later. Ramadan Kareem everyone!

For more information or to make a reservation, please call or WhatsApp 1722 7777.

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