This month, we are dedicating some of our pages to this topic, which has become more significant than ever, by bringing messages from experts in the field and compiling extraordinary treatments.

Summer break seems to have happened a long time ago and it is now far behind us (for those who escaped the heat or had the opportunity to press pause), and the hustle and bustle of our routines and responsibilities has gotten to us once again. There is no better time to re-think your well-being and create a plan to achieve your wellness goals than now. This moment of transitioning from holiday to real life is the best chance to reflect on how you are balancing your life. Are you taking the time to take care of yourself?

Wellness means the act of practising healthy habits on a daily basis to achieve better physical and mental health. We are in this life to not only survive but thrive! Focusing on your well-being is a way to walk on earth in your best version. It involves exercise and nutrition but also sleep, mindfulness and social connectedness.

Inspired by this theme, we selected some of the best spas in Bahrain to give us exclusive ultimate well-being tips from their managers and directors. They also tell us why their wellness haven is unique, and we ask them to highlight two treatments in their properties that you can’t miss. Check them out!


The Gulf Spa has always been a unique sanctuary rooted in the heart of the city, providing an idyllic setting for any wellness experience. It is designed to redefine the approach to wellness and deliver one of Bahrain’s finest spa experiences. It is a testimony to the commitment to guests’ well-being and dedication to providing an immersive experience of wellness that replenishes the mind and body. Whether the guest wants to break away from the daily grind or disconnect from outside distractions, they are provided with an array of bespoke experiences performed by the expert hands of skilled therapists with the highest level of excellent hospitality. These are the attributes The Gulf Spa has embedded in its shared values.

The Moroccan Experience (two hours)
Immerse yourself in a pure Moroccan experience with this perfect package that will leave your skin renewed and your mind restored. Start this journey in the Hammam room, where your body will be cleansed from head to toe with black soap and Kessa exfoliation, followed by a rhassoul body mask as well as a facial exfoliation and mask. Finally, an argan and green tea hair cleanser will leave you fully renewed and remove any trace of city pollution. A final spritz of organic oud mist will lift your spirits, and sandalwood oil will leave your skin nourished and ready for your 60-minute massage with anti-fatigue sweet orange oil.

Essential Rose Facial (60 minutes)
This luxurious facial helps to boost your circulation and promote cell renewal and regeneration, leaving your skin radiant and dewy. A scalp massage releases muscular tension and prepares you for your facial. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and toned. A traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage release facial tension and congestion. Then, while a hydrating facial mask goes to work, your arms and hands are massaged and your skin is finally treated with a deeply moisturising facial oil and moisturiser. The result is a smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.

Cristian Moldovan, Spa and Recreation Manager at Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa

“There are many elements defining wellness, all equally important, and sometimes we overlook the benefits. From my perspective, finding balance in life is important. It is essential for every person to learn how to restore and take care of themselves. Whether we want to relax in a sauna, exercise or simply have a breathwork relaxation session, all these self-care rituals are components of a person’s well-being.”



Cocoon Wellness Spa started in Bali, Indonesia, 10 years ago and has consistently earned local and global recognition and awards for its outstanding quality in beauty and wellness treatments. It uses unique techniques from Bali, Thailand and India to transform your body, offering complete relaxation, healing and wellness. Each treatment includes ‘Cocoon Extras’ such as bamboo sticks, herbal balls, Cocoon rituals, wheat pack, gua sha, cupping and essential traditional oils from Asia with healing properties. Cocoon’s experienced therapists are all Asian, coming from Bali, Philippines, India and Thailand. They are skilled and qualified in advanced professional therapy methods. Each of Cocoon’s therapists has the ability to deliver physical treatments that ensure the wave of life, which is very important when you get a spa treatment.

Traditional Thai Body Work
The key element of Thai massage is keeping a safe performance and true relaxation of body and mind. The technique comes from traditional Thai curing methods where life energy is improved using enough pressure that is firmly applied and released slowly. The flow of the massaging movement is maintained without disruption – steady and slow to keep the state of complete relaxation. If you are dealing with joint or body pain and low energy, you will be more likely to have immediate benefit from Thai massages. However, you should also play an active role in self-stretching and strengthening exercises.

Signature Cleopatra 24-Carat Gold Facial
Live like a queen for a day. This treatment includes exfoliation, toning, LED light, firming massage, gold luxury mask and moisturisation. The magic of gold and its properties works on skin’s moisture level. The small particles of gold absorbed in the cells make your skin fresh, healthy and radiant with a rich glow. It improves skin hydration, prevents premature ageing, and maintains firmness, texture and tone while also eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Louise Cogan, Spa Director and Founder at Cocoon Wellness Spa Juffair

“Wellness should not be a luxury commodity. At any age, you should be committing to your best health and well-being first, to be the best version of yourself. Also, anyone’s transformation should not only focus on the physical aesthetic, but in wellness, energy and, most importantly, joie de vivre.”



Talise Spa has 13 rooms, signature treatments, tailor-made retreats and a host of indoor and outdoor activities. They make their own spa products used in the therapies, such as body scrub, body mask and oil. They use local and international raw materials such as white musk, lavender, thyme, pomegranate and coffee. The food and beverage team are in charge of the pastries, detox drinks and tea.

Talise Signature Hammam Treatment
Hammam is one of the ancient world’s most widely exported customs. The tradition of the Turkish bath was born generations ago. Adopted from Romans and Byzantines and then perfected by the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks, this ritual has remained unchanged. The Talise Signature Hammam Treatment combines Turkish and Moroccan Hammam with homemade products. This unique therapy and amazing combination rejuvenates and purifies the skin. Talise’s luxurious Hammam room is designed with a traditional ambience that delivers the best of both worlds, balancing old-world tradition in a contemporary setting.

Soin Restructurant et Lissant by Biologique Recherche
This facial treats the skin of your face and decollete by draining, smoothing, toning, plumping and hydrating the complexion. A complexion-enhancing treatment designed for dehydrated skin. Afterwards, the skin on your face will look plumper.

Celine Frontenay, Spa Director at Talise Spa

“These are my tips: meditation in the morning before checking the phone. Apply an ice-cold towel to the eye area to reduce puffiness. Engage in a workout to improve circulation. Skincare routine with Biologique Recherche products. Have a booster shot of ginger with carrot to rejuvenate and reduce inflammation and lastly, night skincare before going to bed. “



Rimal Spa stands out from others in several ways; first and foremost, they prioritise personalised experiences for each guest. Everyone has unique needs and preferences; therefore, they tailor treatments and services accordingly. Additionally, the spa boasts a serene ambience, allowing guests to truly relax and rejuvenate. They also take pride in their highly trained and skilled staff, dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring every guest feels pampered and cared for during their visit. Ultimately, they also offer diverse spa therapies, incorporating traditional and innovative techniques to cater to various preferences.

Posh & Polished Trio
Indulge in the Posh & Polished Trio, a perfect combination of elegance and beauty. Treat yourself to a pampering experience that includes a flawless manicure and pedicure treatment with the indulgence of choosing between an express facial or a soothing back massage. The treatment enhances the appearance of hands and feet, promotes relaxation, improves nail health and rejuvenates skin. Skilled technicians shape and polish nails to perfection while soothing massage techniques and deep cleansing leave hands and feet looking and feeling fabulous.

The Tranquil Thai Retreat: Massage, Manicure & Pedicure Delight
Embark on the ultimate pampering session with this exclusive offer: a blissful 60-minute Thai massage that will transport you into a realm of pure relaxation. Skilled therapists will work their magic, releasing tension and restoring harmony to your body. And that’s not all – luxuriate in a rejuvenating manicure and pedicure to complement your tranquil experience. Treat yourself to this complete serenity package and emerge with renewed energy and a serene glow.

Septiyanti Iskandaria, Assistant Spa Manager at Rimal Spa

“My ultimate wellness tip is to prioritise self-care and incorporate it into your daily routine. Taking time for yourself, whether through meditation, exercise or indulging in a spa treatment – all of these combined can significantly impact your overall well-being positively”



Thalassa Wellness and Rehabilitation has an exclusive indoor filtered seawater pool and eight seawater treatment rooms sourced from the deep sea of Bahrain. It offers innovative ways to provide guests with the ultimate therapeutic and health-based wellness journey. The facility has also expanded its horizons by introducing Medical Tourism in the Kingdom. In late 2022, it was accredited by the National Health Regulation Authority (NHRA) for providing rehabilitation treatments in partnership with medical insurances within the GCC. The Thalassa Wellness and Rehabilitation centre now offers a personalised selection of physiotherapy, recovery, nutrition, health and beauty, fitness and leisure services using exceptional brands and the latest technologies.

Signature OLIGOMER Spa Replenishing Holistic Treatment
A holistic journey into the heart of PHYTOMER DNA to recharge the body’s battery. Deeply relaxing and re-energising, this new body treatment is a unique multi-sensorial experience based on OLIGOMER (a seawater concentrate). This signature massage was designed to rid the body of every possible feeling of stress. Deep tissue massage techniques on targeted muscles have been specifically developed to restore the harmony and fluid movement of the body. Professional manoeuvres targeting areas where tension is felt complete your relaxation with an invigorating, energy-releasing effect.

Thalassa Rehabilitation – Physiotherapy Package
A strengthening and recovery package. It includes physiotherapy treatment, hydrotherapy bath, therapeutic back massage, cold, heat, contrast and compression therapy units for injury/pain and surgery recovery using the Game Ready System. The package also allows access to the spa facilities.

Huda Mirza, Director of Talent & Culture/ Thalassa Wellness

“The ultimate wellness tip for leading a balanced and fulfilling life is to prioritise self-care. Taking care of our physical, mental and emotional well-being is crucial for an overall wellness and work-life balance. This involves adopting healthy habits such as maintaining a nutritious diet, exercising regularly and getting enough restful sleep. In addition, it is important to find ways to overcome stress by engaging in activities filled with joy and fulfilment.”



UNIQUE TOUCH: At The Diplomat Spa, you are invited to step into an enchanting realm where ancient traditions blend with contemporary innovation. They aim to transform every treatment into an immersive wellness journey, guiding guests towards self-discovery based on their unique needs and goals. Indulge in expertly applied head-to-toe services, each designed to transport you to pure bliss. HIGHLIGHTED TREATMENTS: Perfect Balance Massage At The Diplomat Spa you can experience a massage that transcends the ordinary, taking you on a captivating journey of wellness and delight. The Perfect Balance is one of the most popular massages and offers an exquisite blend of classic relaxation and the rhythmic strokes of Swedish style. It invigorates your senses and is infused with a contemporary touch of aromatic therapy, creating a truly indulgent experience and enhancing its therapeutic benefits to awaken your vitality. Signature Package This treatment starts with a sublime foot ritual, caressing away the stresses of daily life. Then, you surrender your senses to the soothing touch of a Balinese massage, and the grand finale of this voyage is a PHYTOMER facial treatment – drawing on the ocean’s boundless wonders. Feel the priceless sensation of revitalisation as your complexion is imbued with a newfound vitality, leaving you with an unmistakable glow that emanates from within.

Tamar Badzagua, Spa and Recreation Manager at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa

“Embrace the art of wellness as a vibrant symphony, orchestrating harmonious melodies that resonate through your entire being. It is the dance of life, where every step leads you closer to a lively existence, nourishing your physical and mental well-being. My tip to everyone, including myself, is to prioritise self-care: carve out time for activities that nourish your mind, body and spirit. Nurture your body with healthy foods, invigorating movement, hydration and restful slumber. Find activities you enjoy and make exercise a regular part of your routine. Inhale, hold, exhale, let this rhythmic mantra guide your steps towards a life of wellness.”



The Ritz-Carlton Spa is unique as it has been the home of many hotel members for many years; it is very comforting. It also has an original feature, the Thalasso Therapy pool, which has therapeutic benefits with purely salt water. As it’s an ESPA-branded spa, they have a wellness treatment menu that includes an Awakening Bamboo Massage, Body Fortifying Massage and a Renew and Revitalize Ritual; all these treatments were developed by ESPA and work on all the chakras in your body – focusing on mind, body and skin.

Awakening Bamboo Massage (90 minutes)
This therapy uses warm bamboo to massage tired limbs, relax your body and eliminate tension. Great for tiredness or sore muscles.

Renew & Revitalize Ritual (90 minutes)
This treatment works on your whole body; it’s a scrub and facial – a complete treat for your skin by exfoliating your body and a custom facial bespoke to your needs. It focuses on refreshing your skin and renews and revitalises you. All ESPA products are paraben-free and 100% natural, with many benefits due to the pureness of the products.

Michelle Reynolds, Spa Director at The Ritz-Carlton Spa

“Walking and body brushing. Walking outside in the cooler weather gives a sense of wellbeing, especially if you can be anywhere near nature. I always suggest a walk without a mobile phone and having a digital detox for that one hour per day. This act gives us time to disconnect and recharge, not to mention the benefits of walking, as it is a non-impact exercise that increases circulation and endorphins, making you feel positive! Dry skin brushing is also an excellent way to increase circulation and exfoliate your skin. We have dry body brushes by ESPA to retail in the spa, and I never travel without one.”



Heavenly Spa by Westin is mostly known for its Hammam, with one of the biggest Hammam areas in Bahrain with four different temperatures of plunge pool. It can accommodate eight guests at a time! It is a truly amazing place to have a treatment and spend time together with your besties.

Moroccan Bath
They have designed a wonderful experience of a Moroccan bath, popularly known as Hammam Maghreb, while maintaining the main benefits and rituals of this traditional treatment. This ritual is to cleanse, whiten and soften the skin. It also helps with relaxing tired nerves and muscles while enhancing the blood circulation of the body.

Heavenly Signature Massage
This is the spa’s award-winning and most popular massage. It is a luxurious treatment that is designed to truly help you unwind and de-stress. It involves slow and rhythmic strokes, gentle kneading and light pressure on the muscles. The heated herbal pouch compresses your muscles and helps melt away all your stress and tension.

Jasmin Shamsuddin, Spa Manager at Heavenly Spa by Westin

“Always start your day with gentle stretching to relieve any tension or pain from sleeping the night before. Drink a glass of chia seed water with lemon and turmeric on an empty stomach to flush out toxins and balance the body’s pH level. A cold shower in the morning helps increase circulation. This simple yet powerful morning ritual can give you an instant pick-me-up! Your nighttime routine is as important. A warm bath before bedtime can help relax the muscles and improve sleep. A silk pillowcase does wonders for hair and facial skin. It helps prevent premature wrinkles while helping your skin stay hydrated and preventing damage and frizz in your hair. Try these tips and thank me later!”


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