Welcome to The Female Empowerment Issue where we are celebrating the movers and shakers of our region and their achievements. They have taken risks, and some have found themselves in places they never expected to be. These are women who are unapologetically stepping into the spotlight, creating businesses from the ground up and, perhaps most importantly, setting examples for other women and girls. The idea of girl power is to instil a sense of confidence, intellect, pride, and joy in young girls that will continue throughout womanhood. My mother did an amazing job of that in me. Her mother did the same for her and her sister. The women in my family are passionately independent, go-getters and I’m proud of that. This perspective of empowerment fuels my reasoning for pushing the narrative forward surrounding females. Whatever the definition, I hope to continue telling stories about women, individuals, and brands empowering the next generation of female entrepreneurs, trendsetters, and more! We hope to connect women in conversation and action as we love celebrating confident, intellectual, and joyous moments, and why not? Let’s all showcase our level of pride by sharing and embracing these empowering moments when we can. After all, the sky is full of stars and there’s room for them all to shine.

Jayne Houghton Editor-in-Chief


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