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Spa Social is a new beauty and wellness destination in Bahrain that is creating a lot of buzz. Fernanda Langhammer went there to check what makes them stand out – read on to learn why!

Have you ever dreamed of finding a place where you can exercise in a pleasant atmosphere with the latest gym equipment and classes, get a massage or facial with highend products and finish your beautification day with a fabulous hair treatment and blow dry? This dream is now a reality at Spa Social. The new trendy spot located on the first floor of Al Gharbi Centre in Riffa offers all of that in a very sleek but extremely welcoming space.

I went there to check it out and spotted the Crush Fitness gym door after reaching the first floor using the escalator, this is Spa Social’s sister company, where you can add movement to your life. The open space is home to all sorts of gym equipment and modern apparatus to help you build strength as well as studio classes. The ladies-only gym is based on memberships and and offers Megaformer Lagree Studio workouts for the first time in Bahrain.

After having a peek at the gym, I continued through the corridor that took me to Spa Social’s reception. The décor is very sophisticated but minimalistic with contemporary grey, caramel and white tones and wood and grey stone textures. However, the indirect lighting makes all the difference and gives a chic atmosphere to the space. Louise, the Spa and Salon Director, welcomed me and introduced me to Tee, my facial therapist for the day.

Tee led the way to the treatment room and, after analysing my skin, she decided that the Rose Quartz Facial from 111Skin would be an excellent option for me. The 90-minute treatment is said to be perfect if you have a big event to attend for the ultimate glow. It gives hydration and radiance, leaving your skin luminous. It was definitely a great option for me as my complexion looked super dull and needed good hydration as I had landed from a 15-hour flight just the day before.

Tee started by cleaning my skin with a Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser, followed by the Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask, which has a multi-fruit acid action, and ended the process of removing impurities from my complexion with the Exfolactic Cleanser, an AHA solution that clarifies without irritation. It was time for the Antioxidant Energising Essence toner to be applied with thin gauze. According to Tee, cotton pads absorb all the product, but the gauze allows the product be properly absorbed by the skin (she also gave a tip to pat the toner onto my clean face at home; I am definitely adopting this trick).

The Rose Gold Radiance Booster serum was then applied with 111Skin’s famous minimising wand in the heart of each wrinkle – a process where the therapist adds a little pressure on the fine lines using the round-tipped wand. She then moved to the eye area with the Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel NAC Y² followed by the Y Theorem Repair Light Serum and Y Theorem Day Cream NAC Y² applied with a firm, lifting and lymphatic massage. But this wouldn’t be a 111Skin facial treatment if it didn’t have an iconic step: the mask! Tee applied the Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, which is known for quick tightening, plumping and hydration.

Meanwhile, she asked if I wanted a hand or foot massage. I chose the first option and enjoyed a comprehensive hand massage while we waited for the mask to work its magic. After removing the mask, Tee used rose quartz crystals to massage the residual product deeply into my skin. The crystals were quite cold and gave me a wonderful, refreshing sensation. She ended the session with a lip balm, and I was ready to view my face. I could already feel the benefits of this incredible treatment, but when I saw myself in the mirror, my skin looked absolutely amazing! Glowing and the fine lines seemed to have disappeared completely. I highly recommend this therapy if you need a boost of vivacity to your skin and immediate results.

I thanked Tee and moved to the salon area where Janet, the nail technician, was waiting for me. The salon space is divided into nail and hair and has the same edgy décor. I sat in one of the super comfy armchairs to get the Margaret Dabbs Pedicure. The British brand is well-known for its scientific approach to treating hands and feet with products tailored to these areas. She started the dry pedicure with a cleanse, followed by the Exfoliating Foot Scrub, which she rubbed more attentively in my heels and calloused areas. Water was used to remove the product (the only time water was involved in the ritual) and, after drying my feet, she applied the Foot Hygiene Cream formulated with medicinal ingredients, which is recommended for use twice a week. After a massage, she clipped my nails, removed the excess from my cuticles and applied the red nail polish I chose. My feet felt extremely good and super soft – bye, bye dry heels!

I then moved to the hair area, where I met Rhea, who would be in charge of my tresses. She analysed my hair and chose Aveda’s Botanical Repair treatment to add strength to my damaged hair. The salon-only treatment is a bond builder that strengthens the hair from the inside. A home care line is also available. What caught my attention was that the haircare was a sensory experience with a scent sprayed around me and a calming aromatic oil applied to my scalp in a gentle massage. We then moved to the wash basin, where the first product opened the cuticles of my hair. The next step was to apply the bond activator that penetrates the cortex to ignite deep strengthening. Rhea covered my head with a hot towel to act like a steamer to help the product penetrate deeply into the hair fibre. After 15 minutes, I was ready for styling (they also offer a unique curly hair service that I will have to return to try). While Rhea was blow-drying my locks, Janet returned for an express manicure.

Before saying goodbye to the fantastic team at Spa Social, I checked the boutique area where they retail the products they use and much more, such as a silk pillowcase highly recommended by Lousie. I left with a leave-in chosen by Rhea to style my natural curly hair.

It was a shame I had nowhere to go after this magnificent day dedicated to me. It was a Netflix night – a date with myself – and I felt absolutely fabulous! If you are looking for somewhere to have your beauty needs taken care of in an elevated way, Spa Social is the place to go.


OHLALA had the opportunity to talk to Nouf Abdulrahim, Founder of Spa Social, about this exciting new venture on the Bahrain beauty scene.

OHLALA – What inspired you to transition from construction and interiors to the wellness sector?
Nouf Abdulrahim –
I have always been inspired by beauty, creating beautiful spaces and envisioning concepts that would then turn into stunning realities. I have an eye for detail and perfection and I’d say my inspiration to transition into the wellness space stems particularly from my love for beauty and beautiful things. I had always been a huge skin fanatic – my room is one big laboratory full of the world’s most coveted products. I also felt that wellness is and should be an integral part of a woman’s routine. In the midst of our busy lives, we get consumed with work and household responsibilities, neglecting our own wellbeing. Recognising this issue has driven me to create a space where wellness takes centre stage in a woman’s routine. Spa Social was created as a beautiful sanctuary where women can come together, socialise and indulge in the art of pampering. This goes beyond the conventional notions of beauty, fostering community and empowerment.

OHLALA – What is Spa Social’s main differential and what treatments would you highlight?
Nouf –
I think Spa Social stands apart from the other salons and spas due to our dedication to providing not just services and products but also an unforgettable experience. From the moment you step inside our space, you can sense that something extraordinary awaits you. Our primary focus is on the feel-good factor – ensuring that you leave Spa Social feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. Furthermore, I’ve had the privilege to explore the beauty industry worldwide. Gathering information and inspiration from various sources. I then compiled all these diverse influences into a single grand beauty space concept that we are truly proud of. From incorporating the biggest names in the beauty industry, such as Margaret Dabbs, 111SKIN and Aveda, to innovative treatment concepts, such as SkinWorks, our unique blend of internationally renowned brands and exclusive treatments and services is unmatchable.

OHLALA – As an entrepreneur in the wellness sector, what do you think is necessary to succeed in this type of business?
Nouf –
As an entrepreneur with experience in diverse fields, I believe drive and passion are essential ingredients for success. Passion, in this context, goes beyond being solely dedicated to a particular industry or field. It’s a deep-seated enthusiasm for continuous learning, a burning desire to achieve and the ability to translate one’s journey into an enjoyable experience for others. Personally, I find satisfaction in witnessing my projects meet the needs and desires of others, which perhaps stems from my philanthropic nature. In the beauty industry specifically, I have allowed my creativity to flourish, pushing the boundaries to introduce innovative concepts that set trends within the market and beyond. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to make a lasting impact in this industry.

OHLALA – What are the core values that you carry in your business? How do you want your clients to feel after visiting Spa Social?
Nouf –
At Spa Social, our core values revolve around innovation, creativity, and trust. We are more than just a provider of beauty products and services; we are a hub for beauty ideas, trends and inspirations. From the captivating aromas to the uplifting music and vibrant colours, every element is carefully curated to ignite creativity. Additionally, the diverse community of individuals you will encounter further enriches the experience. Above all, we pride ourselves on the value of trust. This principle lies in both our internal and external interactions. We have implemented rigorous measures to ensure that what we offer is of the highest quality, utmost safety and cleanliness for our guests. We believe that trust is the foundation of a strong and lasting relationship with our guests, and we strive to earn and maintain that trust every step of the way.

OHLALA – How do you keep up with the innovations in the sector? What are your future plans for Spa Social?
Nouf –
As a passionate beauty enthusiast, I am constantly engaged in the world of hair, skin and nails. I am dedicated to staying updated on the latest innovations and trends in this ever-evolving industry. Through research, travel and a deep understanding of ingredients and technology, I have developed a keen eye for identifying groundbreaking treatments and products that are used firsthand and are results-driven. I handpick each item, taking into consideration its effectiveness, quality and ability to deliver exceptional results. I strive to bring the best of the beauty world to Spa Social, ensuring that our guests have access to the most cuttingedge and sought-after offerings. Looking ahead, our vision for Spa Social extends beyond local boundaries. We aspire to expand regionally and internationally in the coming years, bringing our unique beauty concept to a wider audience. With our unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity and trust, we are excited to embark on this journey and share our passion for beauty with the world.

For more information or to make a reservation,
please call Spa Social on 1778 3003, WhatsApp 3838 3003
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