A Square Deal

Geometric shapes inspire handbag designs – we are all about boxy carriers this month.

Shoulder bags are quite trendy at the moment, and this white Tory Burch item is perfect to add an edgy touch to your workwear.

This Purificacion Garcia carrier has sporty flair. With a kids’ lunchbox kind of vibe and colourful fabric strap, it pairs well with loungewear styles.

Sleek and classy with a touch of daring are the adjectives for this red Bally bag. The multiple straps make this a versatile option to elevate any look with a sophisticated nuance.

Saint Laurent are well-known for their stunning (and much-desired) handbags. This glossy option made of vinyl will add extra sophistication to your stylish suit look.

Max Mara went beyond the square concept and gave us cubic bags. They are a striking addition to a casual outfit and the absolute right pick if you like out-of-the-box (or, in this case, an actual box) designs.

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