A Powerful Symbol of Style

Cartier is introducing the latest addition to its collection of handbags, with its iconic image of the panther giving a salute to femininity and sophistication.

The Panthère de Cartier Bag is an elegant and luxurious accessory that adopts the classic Cartier symbol of the panther, originally created by Jeanne Toussaint when she was the luxury brand’s creative director in the 1940s. The magnetic figure of the panther thereafter went on to be an emblem of Cartier jewellery.

The trapezoid-shaped bag embraces a minimalistic and structured design. The square flap, the strong but graceful handle and the rounded metal shape of a panther exude an image of femininity, power and sophistication with the purity and realism of its lines and the immaculate accuracy of its proportions. The C shape of the buckle was created in close collaboration between Cartier’s design studio and its High Jewellery sculptors. It reflects the perfect physique of this majestic animal as it is accentuated by the spots of black lacquer, each differently sized, giving life, vitality and vigour to its shape.

The classy bag, which has been made with the most advanced and intricate materials, can be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand. The design comes in two sizes, a small and a mini model, with a choice between four colours: black, cherry red, green or pale pink. All bags can be personalised for customers by adding initials or a special date, either hot-stamped in gold foil upon the bag or engraved on the interior mirror.

The Panthère bag was designed in a studio located at the Cartier International Headquarters in Paris and led by Marlin Yuson, the artistic director.


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