The Middle East’s first brand for dedicated nail bars and award winner N.Bar has introduced the illustrious Russian Manicure to their fleet of services. There is no wonder why they remain the pioneer of fast, hygienic and high quality professional nail treatments in Doha.


The worst part about any gel manicure is sitting with your fingertips wrapped like baked potatoes. After the foil and acetone come off, the polish is then scraped away, which can leave your nail beds helpless and weak. Russian girls, however, leave the tin foil for baking pierogies. N.Bar, who are always at the forefront of the latest trends have in-house professionals specialising in the elitist Russian Manicure. Have you heard of it? It’s only the number one coveted nail treatment in the beauty industry right now and you absolutely HAVE to try it. You will not leave disappointed – pinky promise!

As N.Bar continue to set industry benchmarks in every element of nail care and grooming, you can see their passionate dedication to creating a truly unique experience within each of its branches DNA. Working with worldfamous brands and offering a host of treatments and therapies, N.Bar’s clients are women who demand efficient, high-end services and treatments in contemporary surroundings. The perfect escapism from that hectic day. Now, as I sank into their deeply cushioned chair I was witness to why this particular Russian technique is indeed special, since it only refers to the method used to treat the cuticle area. And, instead of using a manual tool to push them, the Russian Manicure consists of the use of an electric winch… or, as I like to call it a ‘magic wand’. Different forms of ‘strawberries’ are used for each section of the nail, but the goal is to clean the region between the skin and the nail so that the enamel is as close to it as it can possibly get to elongate the life of your manicure.


During a “Russian Manicure,” an electric-powered rubber file is used to safely take off polish without harming any bit of nail real estate – finally the truth is out there and we’re telling all of our girlfriends! Afterwards, a flame-shaped tool levels the nail plate and lifts the cuticle for the most effective removal technique. The result: a flawless, pain-free, healthy, and lasting manicure perfect for an event or everyday glam.


Not to forget their famous Nail Enhancement treatments that can also be enjoyed post-prepping service. The good times don’t stop there as N.Bar also offers Flexi Gel, which self-levels fast and is easily shaped and buffed to name but only a few of its amazing properties. These pieces of art stay pristine for up to three weeks, depending on how much of a keyboard warrior you are, or rather how you look after them post pamper session. Daily cuticle oil and hand cream will swiftly become your best friends for maintenance when you’re back home, to maintain hydration and moisture. The lovely ladies maintain your acrylic and hard gel tips by refilling the natural enhancement, or re-balancing the surface for french nails so you don’t always have to be sitting down for two hours to achieve, or indeed to elongate that manicure.

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Now, for those of you who have steered clear of nail enhancement for fear of it ruining your nail beds, well, all you need to know is that it isn’t damaging if you get it done professionally. The damage occurs when the nail isn’t prepped or removed correctly. N.Bar routinely enrol their staff on intense training programmes and refresher sessions to maintain their excellent standard. This is across the board for all of their technicians, who also are advocates for the utmost in hygiene. All of their technicians uses sterilisation packs with a one-time use procedure – which unfortunately haven’t always been the case in beauty premises elsewhere. My inner germaphobe and OCD is truly at peace in whichever location of N.Bar that I visit. Whatever your talon request, these ladies really do have it all to ensure that you look nothing short of preened perfection. Always.


“And, instead of using a manual tool to push them, the Russian Manicure consists of the use of an electric winch… or, as I like to call it a ‘magic wand’.”




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