Whether you think about it or not, this feeling is part of everyone’s life – we all wish for something, and this positive emotion helps us get there.

Hope – the word that we carry close to our hearts at the start of every New Year. A feeling that tells you the future can bring better days and helps you keep moving. A positive sensation that reduces the state of helplessness, increases happiness and reduces stress, resulting in improved quality of life.

Charles Richard Snyder was an American psychologist who specialised in positive psychology and created Snyder’s Hope Theory. The word hope in his studies means the ability to stay motivated when walking certain paths leading to the desired destination. Snyder believed that much of human behaviour is goal-oriented, so hope and specific objectives walk hand in hand.

According to him, to develop a feeling of hope, you need to have focused thoughts; you must develop strategies in advance in order to reach your goals and be motivated to make the effort required to successfully attain them. The more you believe in your ability to achieve these components, the greater are the chances of developing this feeling.

Use this moment of new beginnings to develop hope in you. Create goals, think positive and don’t let setbacks destroy your dreams. You might have to adapt your wishes and the ways to conquer them along the way, but don’t lose your will. You can do this!

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