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Personalisation at its core is what YSL’s ROUGE SUR MESURE is all about – genuinely unique lip colours; here we go.

Using YSL’s colour expertise and powered by Perso, ROUGE SUR MESURE is a lip colour device that creates exclusive lipstick shades. The possibilities are almost endless. The machine comes with three colour-rich cartridges in four distinct shade families: red, nude, orange and fuchsia. The sleek black device uses artificial intelligence and real-time data to feature a patented motorised system that blends and dispenses a bespoke lip colour.

How Does it Work?
First, you need to download the ROUGE SUR MESURE app and choose your cartridges. Place each selected colour into any three holes and click into place. Experiment as much as you like digitally using the app. When you reach the shade you want, decide how much lip colour you would like to make by selecting your lip size and pressing the Create button. Using the applicator brush, blend the formula, and it will be ready to wear.

Dreamy Colours
The final lipstick texture has a velvet touch with a matte finish. An emollient oil cream base delivers a comfortable feeling and five hours of wear thanks to the plushy touch of elastomers and stain wear technology. With four colour families and three shades each, ROUGE SUR MESURE offers thousands of shade possibilities. The four primary hues were stipulated using Perso technology and designed to appeal to all skin tones from West to East. Each family is inspired by the YSL colour DNA of red, nude, fuchsia and coral; within each family, there’s a trio of lighter, darker, plus one more to add tonality variation. There is a myriad of possibilities, with the only limitation being your creativity.

Personal Styling
The YSL ROUGE SUR MESURE device also offers a styling app that features next-level colour algorithms and futuristic ModiFace tech to encourage users to explore and try new looks. Unexpected custom lipstick shades to highlight your exclusive natural beauty.


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