Practice these make-up mantras that Melissa Nazareth uncovered for smouldering summer skin this season.

If you’ve never worn a drop of foundation or lip tint in your life, tell us, how does it feel to be God’s favourite? For the rest of us lesser mortals, make-up – be it high coverage or just some tinted primer with lip oil and mascara – is an integral part of our daily routine.

The summer months are upon us and we’re slowly but steadily inching toward the hottest time of the year. It’s best to keep things light, which will allow your skin to breathe. “People want to feel fresh and enhance their natural beauty rather than applying layers of make-up,” says Christina Barron, a make-up artist. “For a daily look, a little concealer and some BB cream can work wonders. Pair it with mascara for a wide-awake eye. We all know the humidity and heat can make your make-up run so, primer, powder and setting spray are key.”

Mai Almoayed, Founder of The Makeup Manual, says: “Usually, in summer, I suggest going with light-weight foundations for a more bareskin look, especially for tanned summer skin. Then again, it depends on the skin type. If you have flawless skin or few blemishes, ‘no-make-up looks’ are suitable, but if you have scars and blemishes, you might want to choose a slightly thicker foundation to cover up. For a daily look, go with a hint of concealer under the eyes, cream blush on the cheeks, mascara, and clear brow gel – super-fast and easy and it looks simple. I recommend the cream blush as creamy or liquid products keep the skin fresh and moist, giving it a glow.”


Speaking of make-up trends, Mai recommends lip gloss, which is back after years of matte lips taking over. She says: “Lip gloss is part of the contour and highlight effect and makes your lips look fuller. Don’t apply it all over, try only the centre on both upper and lower lips.”

There are some colours that simply look better during the summer. Warm tones are your best friend. Christina recommends lots of terracotta and orange. “It’s such a flattering colour for people in the Middle East,” she says, adding that bright blush and pops of orange are all over the runways.

Mai, who personally loves simple colours, says that neutrals continue to be trendy and popular. They don’t hide your features. Instead, they enhance them, making them more beautiful.


Highlights and bronzers are summer staples worth investing in whether you’re spending a day at the beach or by the poolside or even for a casual day out and about. Both Christina and Mai recommend using highlighters to get a beautiful glow. Mai says: “Always finish your make-up with waterbased fixing spray. This will turn any powder effect into a dewy, natural finish, and highlight the temples and upper cheekbones.” Focus on areas that reflect light like your shoulders and calves if they’re exposed.

The summer heat already puts a lot of pressure on your skin so, having a good night-time routine is equally important. “Micellar water doesn’t just clean but also tones and removes excess oil and dirt,” says Mai. “Follow this with an elixir serum and a super hydrating cream for your face and eyes.”

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are the holy trinity of good skin care. Sunscreen or sunblock are a must too; if you’re the outdoorsy type, a higher SPF is better than if you’re a desk jockey, then you can use products with a lower SPF. It’s also important to stay hydrated, especially in our part of the world where air conditioners are the norm. While they offer respite from the heat and humidity, they strip your skin’s moisture. Drinking six glasses of water a day on average will help maintain your skin’s pH balance. Further, it will flush out toxins that could clog your pores leading to acne and pimples. The moisture level in your skin increases elasticity – the more the elasticity, the fewer the wrinkles. If you find water boring, try flavoured or infused varieties – a Middle Eastern favourite, palm water has a host of benefits.

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