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OHLALA showcases a range of luxurious timepieces and jewellery to add to your ensemble.

“Give me the luxuries of life, and I will willingly do without the necessities.”

Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect and designer

Picture this: you’re wearing a sequined, couture evening gown with a pair of dainty six-inch stilettos. Now a different scenario: you’re wearing a ready-to-wear, printed playsuit for a ladies’ coffee morning paired with studded sneakers. Did you visualise accessories for both looks? Perhaps a layered diamond necklace for your gown with a plunging neckline or a leather strapped watch with a stone-studded rose dial for your romper. If you didn’t, then it’s time to understand (and take advantage of ) the power of accessories – they can transform your outfit – from watches to all sorts of jewellery.

The history of watches began in 16th-century Europe, where they evolved from portable spring-driven clocks, which first appeared in the 15th century. Nuremberg clockmaker Peter Henlein is often credited as the first German craftsman who made clock-watches, ornamental timepieces worn as pendants close to the body. However, other German clockmakers were also creating miniature timepieces during this period, which were fastened to clothing. Pocket watches came around in the 17th century and men began to wear watches in their pockets instead of as pendants, though women wore them as pendants right into the 20th century.

Watches evolved as accurate instruments to track time only in the 19th century. That being said, they continue to be worn as an embellishment. Adorning the wrists of fashion-enthusiasts and style connoisseurs, these pieces of jewellery – with their precious-stone-studded dials – elevate looks in seconds (pun intended). They are a creative platform for designers to express their ideas and showcase their personalities.

Jewellery is an intrinsic part of the Bedouin Arab culture; Oriental pearls and precious and semi-precious metals and stones are popular among the locals. Ethnic designs, like the iconic gold coin and those incorporating Arabic lettering and lunar influences are ubiquitous at weddings and traditional gatherings. Arabs have also embraced modern and contemporary as well as international styles. Bespoke and ready-towear timepieces and jewellery – Arabic dial watches, mother of pearl, pendants and signets integrating Arabic calligraphy, soft tassels and beads – that blend both local and global cultural influences are widely accepted. The truth is that we love alluring wearable ornaments in the Middle East and with the latest jewellery and watch exhibitions happening around the globe, such as the Watches and Wonders Geneva, we are professing our admiration for this intriguing and exciting world. We hope you enjoy our selection of beautiful gems and timepieces from the most recognisable brands in the world.

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