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Eyes make the first impression: they need to reflect a woman’s character and convey her nuances, to amplify her personality rather than mask it. “It is not about covering them; it is about beautifying them,” reflects Lucia Pica. “I am very attracted to style and character. I feel like women should still look polished, just not too overly done and oldfashioned.” Accordingly, this new eye product collection allows women to express their own style and encourages spontaneous application.


Inspired by the “blurry” effect, and based on the three pillars of Chanel eye products (Les 4 Ombres, Style Yeux Waterproof, Le Volume Revolution De Chanel), Lucia Pica has created four universal harmonies with a distinctive colour signature for all women, regardless of their level of makeup expertise. Four ways to dress a look in the most personal and intuitive way, with ease and freedom. Each palette’s elegant colour combinations can be endlessly mixed and layered, by varying and blending shades and finishes. Their blurry effect creates a foolproof “second skin smoky” look. These are your must-have products for SS19:

Four palettes designed to offer infinite results. Silky concentrated pigments gently glide over the eyelid, their emblematic shades universally appealing, their diffusive, blurry textures seamlessly blendable. These are universal combinations, endlessly adaptable to suit mood. On application, effects can range from natural definition to intense drama. Now, there are no rules, only an invitation to experiment with the utmost ease.



A waterproof eye pencil created to enhance the eyes with intensity and depth. A retractable tip and integrated sharpener encourage easy and spontaneous use. Whether tracing the contour of the upper lash line for a natural effect, or thickening its application for sophisticated drama, the smooth, gentle formula offers profound impact.


The first ever 3D-printed mascara brush, Le Volume Revolution De Chanel offers a revolution through its unprecedented precision and immediate, extreme volume. This uniquely high-tech innovation ensures perfect, even application with every stroke – and with no clumps in sight.

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