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Neighbouring the fashionable shopping destination lies The Westin City Centre Bahrain, showcasing itself as the city’s most prestigious address, with an array of opulent treats around every corner allowing for a mesmerising staycation. Ohlala spends a relaxing couple of nights at this 5-star destination.

The interior of The Westin City Centre Bahrain is sumptuous and modern with lavish crushed velvet fabrics adorning cushions and an array of carefully crafted furniture. Throughout the hotel different levels and styles of illumination create an air of extravagance in the entertaining spaces and tranquillity and intimacy in the lounge areas. The décor is a clever blend of polished woods, tiles, panelling and ornate chandeliers. The cutting-edge contemporary design is executed perfectly to create a sense of luxuriant escapism.

This sense of splendour struck us immediately as our car was whisked away by valet. We entered and were offered a refreshingly fruity trio of welcome drinks which resembled a heavenly elixir to kick start our staycation experience. The hotel takes a holistic, bespoke approach towards guests’ wellbeing which was evident as we checked in smoothly and sashayed to our Executive Room. The platter of treats presented to us reflected the attention to detail and personal knowledge of every guest. Chocolates of all kinds satisfy our sweet tooth! The in-room amenities ensure that no two stays are alike but are customised to indulge the cravings, style and eccentricities of guests from arrival to departure. Generously designed, the room features modern furnishings, rich textures and subtle hues and is available with twin or king size beds. Promising a high degree of subtle sophistication, the rooms here are a perfect retreat for the business or leisure traveller. Warm colour schemes and understated decorative accents help soothe mind, body and soul.

The highlight of any visit to The Westin is the Heavenly Bed which has a reputation that truly proceeds it. Aside from this, the ambient lighting, crisp tiled edges in the heavenly bathroom and thoughtfully selected accessories from the signature White Tea range are designed to create a sense of mindfulness and bodhi whilst ensuring that all necessary links with the outside world are at hand should you require them. The team at The Westin make a conscious effort to create a home away from home.

Our reluctance to leave such a haven drew us to ordering room service for dinner – and what a meal it was. The Beef Bresaola was thin juicy slices of meat, topped with fresh salad faves like tomato, lettuce and arugula. Delicious! The Tom Yum soup was one of the best we’ve tasted in a long time, with no skimping on the prawns. Whilst the seafood mixed grill was a smoky, tender affair that we couldn’t get enough of. All of the menus at The Westin are filled with superfoods which creates vitality and wellbeing through their philosophy of food synergy – pairing certain foods to increase their health-giving benefits.

The hotel services and ethos also extend to business clientele through the state-of-the-art meeting and function rooms. Whether it be a board meeting or large catered event the team are able to offer the same bespoke service as they would in any other area of the hotel and can guarantee ‘clutter free’ meetings with state-of-the-art audio-visual support. Following a meander by the outdoor pool, taking in the sun deck, comfy sofas and pristine white towels on offer to all guests, we eagerly made our way to the popular Heavenly Spa for a facial and Heavenly Spa Signature Massage. Once inside the soothing aromas and soft lighting immediately had a calming effect as we changed into warm fluffy robes and arranged ourselves on loungers in the relaxation zone. The treatment began with a cleansing detox water. The facial involved cleansing and exfoliating treatments preceding the signature massage. The masseuse expertly sought out every knotted fibre and stress point with no direction from us. Her techniques had the effect of a car journey on a small baby, lulling us into a meditative sleep. The overall two-hour experience passed by too quickly!

As we emerged from the dosing state, the excitement continued at the prospect of dining in the renowned Furn Bistro that evening. It is refreshing to have a flagship restaurant within such an auspicious venue serving high end Khaleeji cuisine as opposed to favouring the flavours of other nations. The bakery churns out expertly crafted Sambusak and Manakish whilst also paying homage to pastry staples such as croissants and strudel. Wishing to stretch our culinary boundaries, we decided to try the salmon recommended by my knowledgeable and welcoming host. The platter was returned to the kitchen almost as clean as it had been before service – not a single morsel left. We have since struggled to think of a fish dish which has impressed us as much throughout our various dining experiences. Praise indeed.

I am sure there is no need to comment upon how well we slept however to coin a phrase, it was ‘Heavenly’!

As technology speeds up the pace of life and each of us has unique stresses and strains dictated by individual circumstances, we all search for a means of escaping and space to ‘reboot’. The ‘heavenly’ sanctuary created within The Westin City Centre Bahrain alleviates any negativity and elevates every mood. Whether you are seeking a business hub, a sumptuous family lodging or a luxurious space in which to mix and mingle with friends The Westin City Centre Bahrain will cater to your every need and you will leave walking a little taller, smiling a little wider, skin glowing a little brighter and ready to take on the Bahrain bustle once again.

For reservations and more information please call 1717 1000 @westinbahrain

“This ensures that no two stays are alike but are customised to indulge the cravings, style and eccentricities of guests from arrival to departure.”

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