A Symphony of Nature and Time

Inspired by the changing colours in the natural world, the collaboration between Japanese architect Tadao Ando and Bvlgari on the Serpenti Tubogas collection unveils a chord of seasonal allure.

The Serpenti Tubogas collection is a fusion between Japanese architect Tadao Ando’s style and Bvlgari’s celebration of the transient beauty found in nature’s ever-changing canvas. Tadao’s artistic vision infuses vitality into the iconic serpent, delicately capturing the essence of the shifting seasons through a captivating array of materials such as green aventurine, tiger’s eye and pink or white mother of pearl. Each watch within this series serves as a testament to the innate harmony and rhythm of the natural world, seamlessly intertwining Bvlgari’s rich heritage with the artist’s profound respect for the dynamic hues of nature. Reflecting this symbiosis, each timepiece is named after the seasons in Japanese.

As spring heralds the rebirth of vital energies, the Haru captures the delicate charm of cherry blossoms in full bloom. With a pink mother of pearl dial, it is encased in a 35mm steel curve case and rose gold bezel set with 38 radiant diamonds. The rose gold crown, adorned with a cabochoncut pink rubellite, adds a hint of springtime whimsy to the design. Paired with a twirl steel and rose gold bracelet, it is a tribute to the fleeting beauty of spring’s embrace.

As the sun reaches its zenith, the Natsu edition captures the vibrant hues of a sun-dappled forest. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this timepiece features a green aventurine dial encased in a 35mm steel curve case with a yellow gold bezel set with 38 dazzling diamonds. The yellow gold crown, adorned with a cabochon-cut green aventurine, adds a touch of organic elegance to the ensemble. Paired with a twirl steel and yellow gold bracelet, it exudes the lush intensity of summer’s embrace.

As autumn approaches, the Aki edition evokes the warm embrace of nature’s transformation. With a tiger’s eye stone dial encased in a 35mm rose gold curve case and a bezel set with 38 radiant diamonds, this timepiece has a rose gold crown adorned with a cabochon-cut pink rubellite – adding a hint of autumnal warmth to the design. Paired with a twirl rose gold bracelet, it captures the golden glow of autumn leaves in their fiery splendour.

As winter descends, the Fuyu edition celebrates the ethereal beauty of snow-laden landscapes. With a white mother of pearl dial encased in a 35mm steel curve case and a bezel set with 38 glistening diamonds, this timepiece exudes a serene elegance reminiscent of frost-kissed snow. The steel crown, adorned with a cabochon-cut white mother of pearl, adds a touch of icy allure to the design. Paired with a twirl steel bracelet, it is a sublime ode to the ephemeral beauty of winter’s embrace.

Each limited edition is a collector’s item with Tadao Ando’s signature engraved on the caseback and encased in a box specially crafted and signed by the artist, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and artistry to these remarkable timepieces. Furthermore, a collection of 20 exclusive boxed sets presents these four creations as an ensemble, allowing discerning collectors to own a curated selection.


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