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Messika Paris presents Messika Paris by Kate Moss, a collection that epitomises the relationship between fashion and fine jewellery.

What happens when a fashion icon with instantly recognisable style partners with a contemporary jewellery brand? Messika Paris by Kate Moss. A desirable and stylish collection with all the sophistication and detail orientation necessary to produce such high-end jewels. The British supermodel and the diamond jewellery designer Valérie Messika, have collaborated to create a unique electric and defiant line. The creations pay homage to a woman who has transcended generations and styles, one word defines it – freedom!

The two minds have worked with spontaneity and sincerity, and more than one hundred pieces of jewellery were imagined. Valérie’s own rules guide her designs, but most of all, her instincts. She creates jewellery that is light, assured and expressive. “I want to give a touch of sparkle and self-confidence to the woman that is wearing my pieces,” she says. Kate has long been placing her libertarian imprint on the world, and her way to interpret fashion has always inspired the Maison’s designer. The duo creates a perfect balance between trends and luxury.

The co-designed jewellery embodies both Messika’s values and Kate’s style. The movement of the stones, the fluidity of the lines, the jeweller’s suppleness, and the boldness of the wearer. Together, they have found a common language within the mixture of gold types, various diamond cuts and even the way the precious materials are used. The collection is lively, eclectic and brightly coloured; and most certainly not dull. Elements such as colours, oversized designs, and Art Deco can be spotted in the creations. There is a unique gem waiting for you in this vast collection.

The Liberated Spirit set is full of movement, flexibility and flow, while the Colour Play line is made with precious materials and XXL designs. In Exotic Charm, diamonds are worn like a tattoo and in Spirited Wind, the jewellery is inspired by feathers encrusted with diamonds and asymmetrical movement. The Released Sun series has an Art Deco influence with diamonds transformed in a tassel of light with an eyecatching choker and headpiece. The Twisted Wave set is composed of knotting diamonds in minimalist, delicate, and graphic designs.

Bohemian Chic is the name of the line with emphasis on graphics and modernity for a playful asymmetry in yellow gold for a ‘revisited vintage’ feeling. Independent Icon is Kate’s favourite series and showcases exquisite baguette-cut diamonds. Finally, Unchained Soul brings a mixture of chains inspired by Kate’s relaxed and stylish personality. Pick your favourite and intricate item to add a focal point to your basic looks. The scarf necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, sure to be the highlight of any look.

“The co-designed jewellery embodies both Messika’s values and Kate’s style”

Bracelet from Released Sun

Bracelet from Twisted Wave set

Independent Icon ring

Scarf necklace from Liberated Spirit set

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