Starting a fashion brand is a challenging task. However, Nazia Mustafa, the owner of Vestire, tells us about her fruitful story

“My advice is to be passionate about what you do; this is the key to success.” – Nazia Mustafa

OHLALA – Tell us a bit about yourself and how you reached the position you are in today. How was the path to arrive here?

Nazia Mustafa – I am a fashion curator and owner of Moda Vestire (a multibrand conceptional boutique) and Vestire, my fashion line. My journey is a long one. I started my carrier back in India with a boutique fusion concept there, and then we moved to the Middle Eastern market in Bahrain.

OHLALA – What have you achieved that makes you the proudest in your career?

NM – When people start recognising our unique products made with this fusion outfit concept, and yet at very competitive prices, they leave their positive testimonials and good customer feedback. These things make me feel proud.

OHLALA – What do you think was the biggest challenge you had to face?

NM – The biggest challenge for me right now is meeting our clients’ expectations and our cost control.

OHLALA – How do you feel about having conquered so much as a woman? Is there any woman that served as an inspiration to you?

NM – The fashion field is a very competitive one, and it isn’t easy to thrive, but I am pleased to have a growing brand and see it expanding. And of course, without any doubt, my biggest inspiration is my mother.

OHLALA – What’s your main goal in your career?

NM – To make Vestire a global brand.

OHLALA – How do you balance your personal life and work?

NM – In the Asian and Arab culture, family is the social fabric, and it’s the same for me. The support of my husband and cheerleading of my children has helped me scale heights that I didn’t think were possible. At the same time, my independence taught my children to respect and heed women’s talent as I work side by side with my husband.

OHLALA – What do you do that allows to you disconnect from work?

NM – During the weekends, I dedicate my time to my family and friends, with no business during these days of the week.

OHLALA – What piece of advice do you give to young ladies out there starting their careers?

NM – My advice is to be passionate about what you do; this is the key to success. In the fashion field, more specifically, I would say that you need to find out who your competitors are. You need to learn how to follow the fashion and retail calendar and be realistic about your customers, who you are designing for. And last but not least, learn more about the business itself, what is behind the designs.


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