Historic Milanese Villa Takes Center Stage

Bally’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign was shot by Alasdair McLellan, showcasing the debut collection from Creative Director Simone Bellotti.

Captured amidst the enchanting backdrop of a historic Milanese villa, the collection seamlessly blends with the graceful contours of the architecture, mirroring the impeccable craftsmanship emblematic of the SS24 collection.

The idea that the villa is at the forefront of the series of images and video subverts the expected focus.

This further conveys Bellotti’s play with dualities, exploring the contrast of classic with unexpected and idiosyncratic elements, resulting in a modern twist on Bally’s signatures. The campaign highlights the art of leather in considered Plume loafers, handmade Scribe brogues and Glendale flats, as well as hero bags of the season such as the Belle and Ollam.

There is a recurring intimacy to the composition, a visual language Bellotti speaks with ease, inviting the viewer to experience the core values of Bally: craft, heritage, innovation and excellence. Despite its grandeur, the campaign setting is sympathetically pared back in order to let the collection itself — a plethora of clever tailoring, beautifully-made essentials and minimal accessories — provide the nuance.

The culmination is an elevation of the everyday, with timeless pieces reimagined as contemporary cornerstones of a 21st century wardrobe.


Creative Director: Simone Bellotti
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan
Stylist: Charlotte Collet
Hair: Anthony Turner
Make-up: Lucia Pica
Casting: Ben Grimes
Models: Claudia Ferrier, Lottie Morris, Maria Ermakova, Nazarit Machin, Will Woodward, Josef Ptacek,
Gideon Adeniyi


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