Our visit to Dessange Paris Bahrain was full of movement this month. OHLALA’s editor joined a workout class for a taste of fun and intense exercise.

Summer is here, and the desire to show a toned and lean figure increases. However, the truth is that there is no miracle to achieving a fit body without hitting the gym or participating in exercise classes. Routine and discipline are keywords here.

To help you achieve your dream body shape or aim for a healthier lifestyle, including exercise in your daily life, Dessange has created special packages for the summer months. The Kick Start Package One includes a month of access to the gym, two personal training sessions, five classes (these are super fun) and two juices at BD80. The Kick Start Package Two gives you two months of access to the gym, four personal training sessions, 10 classes and four juices at BD150. And the longest one, the Kick Start Package Three, lets you use the gym for three months, eight personal training sessions, 15 classes and eight juices at BD190. Prices are subject to 10% VAT, and the package promotion will run until the end of August 2022.

It’s important to highlight that adding movement into your life will help you in many aspects, not just to build muscles. Being physically active can improve your brain, reduce the risk of diseases, strengthen bones, give you more energy and help with your sleep. This means that adding and sustaining any kind of frequent physical activity is as essential as anything else you do to stay healthy.

I know this is easier said than done, as I am an awful example of maintaining an exercise routine in my own life. That’s why joining a health club, such as the one at Dessange, is the best way to make this happen. And do you know why Dessange? Because they offer a complete experience with extra services that cater to feminine wellness and beauty. Their spa has an extensive menu with treatments, just like their salon. And the juice bar serves protein and healthy juices to complement your training sessions. Also, when purchasing a Kick Start package, you get a 10% discount on the spa and salon services.

The health club takes up almost the entire top floor of the Dessange villa and is filled with natural light. The space induces the exercise mood as soon as you step in. I could hear the ladies getting ready for the class I was about to join, before reaching the exercise room. They were listening carefully to Tamara, the trainer’s, words. I was invited that day to try the Shred workout. I must say that the name scared me a bit (bear in mind, I am not a gym buff and the first thing that I thought of was a shredder machine). When I arrived at the class, I felt relieved to see a series of stations with different exercises to be done, meaning you can do them at your own pace and within strength limits.

Another aspect that caught my attention was that the class was quite full for a Thursday morning, with ladies from different age groups and fitness levels. They were all pumped up and ready to start the series of workouts. We were 11 ladies, and there was a station for each of us focused on different types of exercise. They were strategically placed to work different body parts as you go. The circuit training combines cardio and weights and has a post-burning calorie effect.

Dessange’s health club manager, Maja, explained that the Shred class is a metabolic workout. Also known as metabolic conditioning or metabolic resistance training, it burns energy more efficiently by combining highintensity and moderate-intensity exercises.

Tamara was super energetic, and we started with a warm-up before hitting the stations. With the sound of exercise-tailored music, we then started our session. The duration of the exercises was 40 seconds with 20 seconds of break between them. Everyone was full of energy and we were all talking and having loads of fun while burning some fat. The class duration is around one hour, so we had to complete the circuit three times before stretching and going home. The first round was good, I felt like I was born to exercise, but by the last round, I was done, feeling like I’d been ‘shredded’. But taking part in a class is such a nice way of exercising. The trainer and all the other ladies supported me and gave words of encouragement that helped me finish my tasks and left me with a sense of accomplishment. I super recommend exercising with friends or just lovely ladies like those I found at Dessange.

It was time to hit the shower and get ready to go to work. I was feeling marvellous, like the world couldn’t stop me. I was tired but happy that I had started my day moving my body and improving my circulation, as I knew I was going to spend the rest of the day sitting in front of my computer. I also grabbed a detox juice made with celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon, ginger, parsley and kale – liquid green goodness. If you keep putting off getting started on an exercise regimen, now is most definitely the time to change that!

For more information,
please call Dessange Paris Bahrain on 1771 3999.

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