The French cosmetics brand Nuxe explored the benefits of chlorella vulgaris, an ancient type of algae, to create its new anti-ageing line – Merveillance Lift.

Nuxe’s Merveillance Lift line has five anti-ageing care products infused with chlorella vulgaris micro-algae oil. This microscopic freshwater green algae has an exceptional regeneration capability and first appeared on earth 2.5 billion years ago. It has a membrane rich in active molecules that not even viruses can pass through.

Nuxe uses the powers of the micro-algae oil to strengthen the dermalepidermal junction, the interface between the dermis and epidermis and a key area for skin youthfulness. The ageing process and external aggressions result in the relaxation of this area, causing collagen fibre density to diminish, making the skin lose its fullness and firmness; on the surface, wrinkles appear. The micro-algae oil helps to restore the wavy shape of the dermal-epidermal junction, improving the skin’s fullness. The results are internal structures strengthened while the skin appears smoother and fuller on the surface.

These are the five products to test:

Thanks to its innovative filling texture, this powdery cream firms the skin and corrects wrinkles. It is ideal for normal to combination skin and creates a natural blur effect for a flawless finish.

This rich cream firms the skin and corrects wrinkles. It is ideal for normal to dry skin and its enveloping texture provides instant suppleness and tone.

This anti-ageing serum is a potent concentrate – only three drops are needed for smoother-looking, more supple and toned skin.

Thanks to its natural-origin blur-effect texture, this eye cream fades wrinkles, puffiness and signs of fatigue for more youthful-looking eyes. The eye contour area appears firmer and the eyelids lifted.

This anti-ageing concentrate night cream reveals rested and smoother skin as if you had slept extra hours. The skin is recharged with energy, repaired and smoother.

The brand follows a clean beauty commitment with vegan and silicon-free formulas containing a minimum of 96% natural-origin ingredients. The products also have melt-in-your-skin textures and irresistible scents.


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