Fabulous Eyes, Herrera Beauty’s first mascara capsule, brings two innovative formulas that lend your lashes the perfect lift.

Headed by Beauty Creative Director Carolina A. Herrera and launched in 2019, Herrera Beauty is known for its innovative formulas and lightweight finishes. Herrera Beauty introduces Fabulous Eyes, which features two innovative, buildable formulas that deliver instant as well as long-term effects.

Eyes are the windows to the soul. No beauty look would be complete without lashes. Get ready to frame your peepers to perfection with these ultra-black mascaras, which are as easy to remove as they are to apply.


The Waterproof Fabulous Eyes mascara is enriched with protective black orchid extract to nourish and strengthen. Further, it’s infused with lashconditioning castor oil for a softer, healthier feel. Lastly, it’s boosted with crystal drops for visibly fuller, longer lashes after 28 days of continued use.


The entirely vegan Smudgeproof Fabulous Eyes formula is lightweight and creamy, ensuring it sticks to your lashes, even in humid weather. It is enriched with beautifying jasmine extract to nourish and strengthen, lash-conditioning castor oil for softer, healthier lashes and crystal drops for visibly fuller and longer strands after 28 days of continued use.

Herrera Beauty blurs the line between make-up and jewellery. Designed to be flaunted like fantastic ready-to-wear collectibles, the packaging can be customised and adapted to the wearer’s unique personal style; covers, cases, charms and accessories. Pair your mascara with a Herrera signature lipstick or Mini Tints and throw a sleek gold Herrera bangle on them – a ring on which you can hook the product.


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