Whimsical Silhouettes

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Supria Munjal brings a collection inspired by romantic lines and fanciful fabrics for a summer dream.

Supria Munjal is the designer behind the label that takes her name. Her creations reflect her dedication to adorning women in styles that enhance the natural beauty of their feminine form. The designs are like art pieces challenging the natural shape of fabrics that are stitched in skilful structures. “I aspire to create art by using fashion as my medium,” says the designer.

Supria’s creative sensibility is an amalgamation of organic and experimental silhouettes with innovative textures that are transformed into ethereal drapes, creating a sculpture-like effect. The designer’s extensive attention to detail results in fluid drapes and unconventional embroideries mixed with unique fabrics for impeccable finishes.

The Zoella collection displays all the aspects that characterise the Supria Munjal label. A compilation that evokes romance and drama with soft hues found in nature in contrast with dark accents. With dynamic creations that exude modern glamour and timeless sophistication. A celebration of femininity through a play of lace and tulle. Designs to be worn on special occasions for the ultimate dreamy looks and unforgettable moments.


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