Where there is Fragrance, HOMES Spotlight There is Finesse

Bath & Body Works sets the scene with its newly designed candles, perfect for every home.

Bath & Body Works has introduced a new candle collection for every taste, incorporating the new White Barn design. The three-wick candles with sophisticated fragrances are the go-to for a host of reasons: they are made with essential oils and a patented soy blend wax with lead-free wicks that won’t burn out. They additionally deliver up to 45 hours of fragrance and fill the room with a lasting scent.

Another reason you might love the candles is that they come in many different designs and colours, so you can match a good fit for your space, whether it’s an office, home, or event, such as an outdoor dinner. For a finishing touch, you can get the luxurious, super-chic candle holder to add that extra spark.

The beauty company also offers other things to keep your home smelling its best, including the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers plug, a scented oil spray that will keep your home fresh for weeks with non-stop fragrance. When you’re having last-minute guests, this prized item could be your saviour. In just two quick bursts, the room will be instantly revitalised and refreshed.

Pair this with their magnificent hand soaps and you will have a complete set. The gentle foaming hand soaps come in every fragrance you’d ever want, from floral and spicy to subdued scents, and are all blended with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, shea extract and aloe vera, to soften and clean the hands.


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