In this modern media age, awash with memorialisation , observance, bacchanal and seemingly a day which honours everything from toilets (19th November) to paper bags (12th July), it is understandable that we may feel a little jaded and lacklustre when it comes to embracing celebrations. However, some should be held aloft and deserve magnification. No more so than Valentine’s Day.

Valentine is a figure who had been imprisoned for encouraging practices in Rome and whilst imprisoned cured blindness in a jailer’s daughter, Julia. Supposedly Valentine had sent the first Valentine Card himself, to Julia, celebrating the miracle he had performed. He signed it ‘Your Valentine’. Geoffrey Chaucer then romanticised the meaning of the feast day into its modern and commercial form. A celebration of romantic love, friendship and admiration.

We are encouraged to make healthy lifestyle commutations in terms of diet and fitness so why not take an holistic approach and provide a little nourishment for one of the most important influences on our disposition – Friendship . Take the meaning of Valentine’s Day in its purest form and run with it. Send messages highlighting the importance of them in your life, organise indulgent feasts for a gaggle of your girlies or simply take the time to pick up the phone and reconnect with those friends who are like stars. After all, you may not always see them but you know they are there. Make the most of Galentine’s Day this February – on the unofficial date of the 13th – as a celebration of female friendship, as if you really needed an excuse to pamper your girlies.

It is often said that friends are the family we choose and since many of us are not lucky enough to be surrounded by our families during special occasions it seems fitting that we make our chosen ones the focus of our Valentine’s Day messages and predilection. Dance with them, dine with them or devote an hour of unspoilt liberty, free of phones and other distractions. Remind yourselves how you came to be and why you still are, solve the problems of the world or deconstruct, with humour, the minutia, meaningless and mindless that surrounds us. Whatever it is that represents your friendship glorify and aggrandise it on a day dedicated to admiration in many forms.

In the great words of Aristotle, “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling inside two bodies.”

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