When Kate Met Messika

What happens when a fashion icon crosses paths with a diamond heritage?

Let’s talk about Kate Moss and Valérie Messika. At the heart of a unique high jewellery collection, these two strong and spirited women work together, using one simple word: freedom. By one harnessing the other’s art, they have created a collection that is expressively eclectic and defiantly diverse. The movement of the stones, the fluidity of the lines, the suppleness of the jewellery, the boldness of the wearer – together, they found a common language within the mixture of types of gold, various diamond cuts, and even the way the precious materials were used. The collection is lively, brightly coloured, and anything but boring. A daring decision? Probably. But an assured one, nonetheless.

Messika collections are available at Asia Jewellers at Moda Mall Bahrain.


This set pays homage to femininity and sensuality. The diamonds shift voluminously in step with the movement of the wearer. XXL sizes, designs inspired by art deco and contemporary wear. Tie necklaces, ankle bracelets, ear cuffs, hat jewellery – the diamond tassel has been a consistent source of inspiration for the duo.


Honouring Kate’s favourite hues, the designer duo has created a vibrantly coloured collection. Malachite, mother-of-pearl, and turquoise are all stars of the show on sumptuous plastrons, XXL earrings, a three-finger ring. These unprecedented combinations of coloured gold and precious materials make for pieces that simply can’t be matched


For a sensual touch, the duo dreamt a set in which the diamonds would be worn like a cherished tattoo. The set is impressive; it brings together pear, triangle, emerald, and brilliant cuts in a sparkling symphony.

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