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Sparkle and shine with our compilation of the most exciting hair and make-up trends this festive season. Melissa Nazareth highlights the styles to embrace in the last days of the year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The festive spirit calls for out-there trends: glittery make-up, voluminous hair, bold colours and fancy accessories. If that doesn’t sound like you, don’t worry. There is a wide range of AW 2022/2023 trends that are subtle and yet make a statement, from au naturel looks to muted, frosted highlights.


Not everyone is blessed with alabaster skin. The trick, however, is to use the right products. Glowy, natural-looking skin is a major trend this season. You can add some shine in keeping with the festive vibe and balance out a vibrant colour palette.

How to get the look?

Invest in dewy highlighters and facial oils that lend your skin a moisturised look. Low-coverage foundations and tinted moisturises are your friends. Finish with cheek and lip tint for a nourishing effect.


Drastic eyeliners were the rage on the fashion runways. Throw conventional wings out the window and say hello to dramatic swishes and flicks right up to your crease or even on the lower lid. Want to level up, try coloured liners.

How to get the look?

Invest in felt-tip liners, which have a glistening finish, unlike eye pencils. Going for a pop of colour? Blue hues work better with cooler skin tones, while warmer complexions should opt for green shades. Stacking eye shadow on your lash line is another option.


Beautiful, long lashes complete your eye make-up. They open up your peepers, making them look bigger and brighter. If you don’t have naturally fuller lashes, there are many ways to create the illusion of volume.

How to get the look?

A lash curler is a long-term investment. Heating your curler with your dryer – not too much – will help you style them better. Falsies are also a great option. For those who like to dare, go a step ahead with glittery, decorative falsies and coloured mascara.


The classic red lip remains the holy grail of festive make-up, and rightly so. It’s versatile and works perfectly well with full-coverage and minimalistic looks.

How to get the look?

Gone are the days when siren red was the only option. Redefine the red lip by choosing a shade that suits your skin tone, such as maroon, berry-hued reds, burgundy and so on. Have fun with an ombre effect; use a lip liner to define the shape, shade the outer lip with a darker red and go lighter in the centre.


Braids, high ponytails, buns and beach waves are dominating this season. Hairstylist Tané Murray shares tips on how to make these trends more festive.

How to get the look?

“Transform your high ponytail by adding a black ribbon to cover the hair band. Use an iron to curl the ends in or, for a more adventurous look, flick them out. You could finish with a shine spray, ” says Tané.

When it comes to braiding, she adds: “Do a braid of your choice and add a small piece of silver hair jewellery down the centre of the braid on every section. This will give the effect of enhanced length.”

A favourite style during this time of the year is the up-do and here is her tip: “Have some fun with a messy or sleek bun by adding small sprinkles of hair glitter on the back at the base of your hair right before the bun starts. Don’t be shy to add some hair tinsel as well.”

Regarding colouring trends for the festive season, Tané says: “Toasted caramel, rich brunettes, buttery blonde, creamy copper and warm tones are hot this season.” She adds that frosting is the latest trend. It is different from traditional highlights, which are bolder and more noticeable. In the frosting technique, the colour of the highlight is not much lighter than the base shade.” We think the word frosting sounds quite festive too!

The stylist believes that less is more when it comes to hair accessories. “Add one accessory as a statement piece in festive season colours: green and red are already quite bold,” she says. She also recommends embellished headbands and gold and silver accessories.

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