Velvet Touch

YSL Beauty is launching a new product, The Slim Velvet Radical, a subversive semi-matte lipstick that does not compromise on comfort.

The iconic matte lipstick The Slim from YSL has a new family member, The Slim Velvet Radical. The new lipstick comes in 12 new shades in a palette of nudes, oranges, reds and fuchsia and a cuttingedge formula that prioritises comfort. The latest beauty tool speaks to the woman in love with matte, who also wants the textural effect of velvet.

The lipstick is inspired by YSL fashion couture and its love for the iconic velvet fabric. Timeless. Enveloping. Vivid. With an opacity that cloaks the body entirely, yet a malleability that is soft and comfortable, velvet bridges the line between subversive and sophisticated.

Influenced by this soft textile, The Slim Velvet Radical brings colours that stay true and feels light as air. Created with comfort as the number one priority, it uses the latest technological breakthroughs in the field. Each element of the formulation was chosen by YSL Beauty’s labs with the utmost precision. Hemispherical fillers give the semi-matte effect of velvet; these help the lipstick to feel soft on the lips. Silky oils have been used for moisturisation and to provide easy application. These were increased to guarantee lightweight texture and give a luscious feel to the lips. As a result, the new lipstick won’t dry out the lips but instead leave them feeling supple and soft all day long. The pigmentation levels were optimised to the max for an impactful colour coverage in just one stroke.

The square-cut bullet design is as practical as it is stylish, enabling the user to draw a square shape at the Cupid’s bow first, making it easier to fill in the colour. With a sharp lip line in place, the intensely pigmented lip shades stay longer, accentuating the natural curve of the lips, delivering a more volumising effect and a plumper, fuller look.


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